Sunday, November 15, 2009

good night

tonight was a good night.

Started out today by going out with a friend to get his tattoo. While we were waiting there, this really cute guy was getting a tattoo on his chest and he had to take his shirt off and omg he was soooo yummy. hahaha. it was hard not to stare. Then, one of my friends parents was in town and they took me 3 of us out to dinner. WHile we were there we had this really cute waiter. Jake was his name. He was really cute. Couldnt help but stare at him too. Then we went back to my friends dorm and then went to a party. I had a few "drinks" and im a bit tipsy right now. Im trying real hard to write normally.

So anyway, this whole tyler thing is weird. Like whenever i think of him, i get this feeling in my stomach. its the same feeing i used to get whenever i thought about aaron. But i dont feel like that anymore about aaron. Now, its tyler. So i think i like him more than i think.

Idk, i felt like i should post more often, and i figured why not when i get back from this party. Idk what im really saying right now, but im horny and im gonna go jerk off. Ok bye.


  1. What did your friend get tattooed? And where?

    What did the scenery get tattooed on his chest?

    These are important questions!

    Mine is on my left shoulder, so it's usually not visible.

  2. Oh tattoos scare me. I don't think I'll ever get one, but Mr HCI mentioned that he never thought he would get one either-- so I guess I shouldn't be so certain.

    Do you think that Tyler's apparent lack of enthusiasm about hooking up---since he didn't just drive there and jump you immediately, as apparently mirrorboy would do :-) Do you think that makes him someone to chase, and thus someone more appealing? This isn't a bad thing-- I'm just curious if the 'unavailability' makes him more enticing just as it did for Aaron (if it did).

    I think you should post more often-- you're a pretty cool dude my friend :-)


  3. This post made me smile after reading it. So, post more often. :)

  4. *hugs* :D

    Oh wait, you were jerking off when I did that, weren't you? Oops :P