Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little more help

sorry for the long absence. I went home for the weekend and i was really busy.

ok so to catch u guys up....

If you'll remember from one of my previous posts, when Tyler came to visit he was talking to me about laviticus. So sometime last week i came across this...
So i sent it too him. He thought it was funny and wanted me to go home so he could tell me about how he bitched some homophobic guy out. I told him i was going home and that we should get together. He didnt respond directly to me asked one of our friends if we all wanted to get lunch on saturday. i of corse said yes. So later that night, i get a text from our friend saying that lunch was cancelled. i was dissapointed. Also, i didnt hear about any of this once from tyler. So i didnt see him once this weekend.

So ive talked to a few people about the whole thing and they all tell me i should just tell him im gay already and see what happens. But idk. its easier said that done. But like, what do i have to be afraid of? hes gay. so he cant be like, ewww. But its scary.

so as u can see, im confused and i would love some advice from all my readers. Any thoughts?

i have a monster headache so im gonna go lay down. laterz.


  1. that sucks that he cancelled.... Maybe he got nervous or something like that. Perhaps he's afraid that ur not gay and doesn't wanna get attached.

    either way telling him that you're gay is probably the best thing to do. But yea, def easier said than done. Part of the nervousness about telling him cud be that you're attracted to him... adds a whole other dimension to coming out. Maybe you could email or facebook him that you're gay? but yea that might be more awkward idk...

    it's your call ultimately, but being upfront and just saying ur gay is the most likely way to move forward with this thing.

    hope you get the courage to tell him,
    best wishes man

  2. I agree with Jordan

    You could say something like
    "I thought since we are friends you should know that I too am gay"

    Just and idea

  3. Tell him for sure! Face to face is always better but if you can't do that, then sms or email or something would work too. I'm pretty sure he'd have his suspicions, but he doesn't wanna say anything incase your straight.

    OR, you could get one of your mates whos friends with him to tell him? That could work...

  4. Awww, coming out to people sure can be hard, specially when you know they may reject you for who you really are, but this isn't the case, guess what worries you it's if he'll go along with it and consider dating you, guess we'll never know the answer to that one unless you do something about it, it's been hell so far, what have you got to lose?

    Only problem I see here is that you kinda have all this high hopes of him, I'm worried what will happen if he doesn't cover them all, but no one can take the learning experience out of you. So go ahead, don't rush in, lower your expectations or you might get injured and be yourself and also be brave


  5. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you this weekend. I got really busy and my internet is still dumb.

    You want my advice? Just tell him.

  6. Everything always seems worse in our heads, than it normally is in real life. Be a chicken and text him. Be a bit braver and tell him over the phone. The best way tho, is in person, that way you can see his reaction and it should tell you volumes......

    Good luck!

  7. I agree-- you should just do it and see what happens, but I would prepare yourself for the worst. Since he seems more 'out' and 'experienced' than you, it will be easier for you to get hurt, and that could be painful. I know its impossible, but like Dzyan said-- he probably won't meet all of your expectations. But that's going to be the same regardless how it comes you might as well just tell him.

    But you're right-- easier said than done. Most things are unfortunately; i should remember that too.

    Hey are you ever on MSN?!

    Much Love,

  8. Ask him out on a date. That way he'll figure out that you're gay anyway. Letting him know where you're coming from makes it easier for him. If he wants to try something then fantastic. If not, you'll know straight away, and hey, you might have a gay friend anyway. Just telling him you're gay leaves him wondering and makes it easier for you to get hurt.

  9. "hey since we have been talking about how stupid it is for people to be unfair and mean to gays, i figure since we are friends and ive gotten to know you a lot better recently, you should know I'm gay too"

    idk, use your own wording, but I can't possibly seeing anything bad coming from it.

    If anything, I'm guessing he's gonna say "I had a feeling...;)"

    haha good luck buddy :) love you

  10. Talk to him more via chat, text, etc. Once you become closer invite him to go out (just the two of you) and then tell him.

    BTW, why did you erase your previous post? I didn't get a chance to read it. lol