Sunday, November 22, 2009

i wasnt gone long

i cant stop thinking about tyler. i didnt see him yesterday. he didnt show up, and i didnt ask why. It seems like every night before bed i just imagine me and him together. walking in the mall, swimming at the pool, sitting on the couch watching tv. its like this virus inside of me that wont go away, and i dont want it to. But i do want the real thing. i want to feel his soft lips and run my fingers across his soft little butt. god hes so fucking adorable.

so yeah, as u can see i didnt stay away long. i thought a lot about it yesterday and my problem was that i felt like i HAD to make a post even when i didnt have anything to say. So from now on, im only gonna post when i have something i wanna say. Much like today.

ok thats it. oh and i went to bestbuy today, and the cashier was this really cute gay guy. How could i tell he was gay? I could just tell.

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  1. well did you hit on him or let you finger linger on his hand a little too long after giving him your credit card...ok ok that would probably be creepy and not endearing.

    So something to think about (and Im sure you already had, but i gotta put something in this fucking box, eh): do you think that you are infatuated with Tyler himself? Or just the idea of being in a relationship? I mean obviously Tyler is the most realistic option in front of you, but is it really him (i.e. unique about him) or are you just in love with love? Either answer is totally acceptable and a good thing-- the only difference would be if its just that you long for a relationship-- then you don't have to put all of your eggs in the Tyler basket, which would be better if he didn't feel the same about you as you feel about him. You're awesome (self-proclaimed, but I trust it) and apparently you're super attractive as well (I trust mirrorboy!) so you will have a lot of options when you want them (easier said than done)-- so I just don't want you to get hurt if the Tyler thing doesn't work out. In my mind if an awesome, super cute guy came out to me, and I was really into him, I would make sure that I showed up to everything where we could be together and hopefully spark something up. Obviously, I don't know anything about him, but he does seem to 'miss' a lot of opportunities-- I'm sure he's just busy.

    And hurray! I'm glad you weren't gone long! Big Hug!