Monday, November 2, 2009


thanks to everyone for their comments. it seems like everyone is saying the same thing. So im gonna tell him, and heres how.....

im not gonna tell him in person because, as my illustration shows....

......we are miles aways from each other. im at college here, and hes at college back home. So yesterday, i sent him an email saying that hed have to tell me about the mormon thing someother time. So last night i checked my email and he replied with the story, along with an apology about being busy. I havnt responded yet.

So the plan is to continue our conversation. Im gonna ask him how he feels about this gay thing or that gay thing, all the time lightly hinting at the fact that im gay. And after a little bit of this, if he hasnt figured it out by then, im gonna tell him.

pretty ingenious i know.

ok thanks again for the comments on the last post. And about the one post no one saw, it was asking for help, but i figured it out pretty soon after i posted it.

p.s. i dont have tylers phone number. people think i do but i dont. =)


  1. Good plan-- feel free to share the convos :-)

    So by your map he's like 45,000 miles... so he's in China or India?!


  2. @planetx_123
    haha so i exaggerated a bit

  3. Yeah I think thats a good plan too. Just keep the convo going in emails and if you want to get his phone number all you have to do is say something about how you're enjoying the convos your having and he should text you so you guys can talk more then give him yours..

    But yeah, good luck Dan =)

  4. lol I didn't notice it was 10,000 miles at 1st that is funny

    A bit Dan? that is a stretch don't you think?

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do.