Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This class is too fucking long. Tick tock tick tock. Fuck me. My throat is killing me. Derp derp derp. So how am I suppose to approach this Tyler situation? Can I just ask him out? I mean my plan was to just go up to him one night after were hanging out at ethans and ask him if he was interested in seeing a movie or getting some food. Sounds good right? But I'm afraid he will say no. Maybe he'll aks me out. No. I can't wait for that. I need to take action. If I want somethingbad enough, I have to go out and get it.

So last night I was extra horny so I got a banana and....well....u get he idea. It was fun and I came a lot. Good times.
So I'm going home today for thanksgiving. Should be fun.

Not to pleased about the lack of comments as of late. Fix it.


  1. A banana ehh? Maybe you're not so much of a top.

  2. Thats what I have always told him... lol

    Look... banana... no banana! Its magic!

  3. I think bananas are generally too squishy unless they are really unripe

  4. fruit or veggie ... lol .. yeah still like squash the best

  5. Sadly, the blog where a guy posted about losing a banana up/down there when he was 12 was deleted a while back. 'Twas a funny but disgusting story.

    Anyhow, ask Tyler out! You can always frame it as hanging out and and see if he interprets it as a date. Keep the banana story to yourself, though, at least for now . . .

  6. I have 5 bananas staring at me from my desk now.

    I've had 0 comments on my entire blog (it is new though) so don't complain.

  7. Ok, time for tought love.. I don't know you in the least, but have been reading for a while. It's time to man-up.. just fucking ask him out already! Everyone fears rejection but it's inevitable that it'll happen on occasion.. So fucking what if he says no... You'll figure it out and move on, or just be friends or whatever.. The point is you have absolutely nothing to lose but lots to gain so just drop your fears and go for it!

  8. Banana-- yea seriously was it bronzed? How did it not just squish into a huge mess :o

    None the less-- I think you should just walk up to Tyler and do the swooping kiss like the picture from WWII. At best it will turn into a porno-esque into and it will be totally hot. At worst, he will scream, think you are attacking you and probably scar you for life. It will be a great story either way, and thats all we are at the end of the day...just our stories.

    I don't know what Im talking about thats terrible advice. Just hang out with him a few times and see what happens. No need to do the nervous thing and actaully ask him out or anything-- just hang out as friends, see how he interprets it, and go from there.

    Have a happy thanksgiving. And I will accept no complaining about comments-- I have been working my ass off to comment every post! :-)


  9. Dan

    bananas i dont know about but hope you have a nice thanks giving and hey just ask him out

    take care and be safe


  10. Oh I thought he meant he used the peel to wank with... you guys are pervy :P