Tuesday, March 2, 2010


ok so aarons coming home for spring break soon. Im on spring break now and ill be going back to school like 3 days after he gets home. And I really just dont want to see him. I would love it if i didnt see him again till summer. I just dont want to deal with the whole thing. cause im gonna end up feeling like shit if i see him and i just dont want that. idk. at the same time i kinda want to see him. i mean, fuck. idk. Im going to see him no matter what cause our group of friends is having a small get together. ugh.


  1. Seeing him slows your getting over him, but since it can't be helped, try not to dwell on it in advance (or afterwards). Not possible to avoid thinking about it at all, but the less the better. So when you find yourself thinking, try to distract yourself.

  2. I don't get where the dilemma is.

  3. I personally would wish for some excuse to go back early, because yea you'll feel like shit for a few days (week?) afterwards. Does he still have a girlfriend? Does she live in the same place you do?

    Keep on keepin' on-

    Much Love,

  4. Dan

    I might be wrong here but i say see him. He sees you as a friend and well i think you should try and see him that way too

    good luck and i know its tough man

    take care and be safe


  5. Maybe it will help you realize how done you really are with him...