Friday, March 19, 2010

DINNER with a cute shirtless frisbee player

So wednesday was pretty uneventful. It was gorgeous outside, but i didnt really do anything. But yesterday is a different story. I woke up close to 11 and watched the view(i know, gay) and at 1140 i headed off to class. On my way to class I saw a small group of boys, maybe 4 of them, walking out of the dorm across from mine. I thought one of them could be james, but i couldnt see to well, so i just kept walking. I kept looking at him to see if i could recognize him. After all, ive never seen him with a shirt and shoes on. So sure enough, he waves to me. So i smile and wave back. I had to get to class and they werent going in my direction so that was it.....until later.

So i get back from class, chill for a little, then go to my 330 class. got out around 445 and went to my room. Me and my room mate alex decided to grad some food so we went to the dining hall. Had a pretty so-so meal and got back to the room by close to 530. We didnt go in the front door, so i wasnt aware of any frisbee game going on out front. When i got back to my room, i heard some yelling and shouting and laughing, so i looked out the window and sure enough, james and about 3 others, including my friend Clay, were tossing around the frisbee. I said why not and i went out side to join. I got outside and clay spotted me and asked to join. I said yes of corse and we started tossing around the frisbee. It wasnt as hot out so no ones shirt was off, but it was still nice admiring the cute boys i was playing with, especially james. so after about half an hour of tossing around the frisbee, james grabbed the frisbee and walked toward me and clay. He was like "im gonna go get some food, you guys wanna join?" i couldnt pass up this opportunity, so i said "id love too" Clay agreed so we went to eat. I didnt eat a whole lot, but everyone else sure did. So we were sitting and talking about school and the weather and shit like that. I didnt really learn anything new about james tho. I would have liked to. The conversation never really went there. So we ate our food and james said he had a fun time and that we should do it again sometime. I of corse said yes. So we all got up and walked back toward our dorms. I wasnt really talking much, just listening to everything. It was nice. We got to me and clays dorm and and said goodbye. James waved and said see you tomorrow. his ass looked so delicious walking away. i wanted to bury my face in it. haha.

So yea, got back to my room and played xbox all night. It was a great day. And who knows, maybe ill see him again today. he did say see you tomorrow.


  1. A delicious ass? I thought you were full already...

    And Dan, it's course, not corse.

  2. never to full for an ass.

    and Matt, it's fuck you.

  3. lol @you and Matt

    Anyway you watched the view longer then I ever would so that's impressive

    Hmm he sounds like a cool guy and rumor has it he is cute ;) lol take care Dan


  4. u poo. i've been following your blog just don't comment a whole lot and i thought u actually have a proper, date-kind-of-dinner with the frisbee boy!! :P anti-climax! but at least u guys are getting slowly.. closer! :)

  5. AWESOME^2

    First: play date throwing around a frisbee shirtless
    Second: he asks you out for a sensual dinner (or something like that)
    Third: butt sex

    Or at least that's my prediction--

    So is he in your dorm? And if you mentioned this in the story, remember that I can't read.