Monday, March 15, 2010


So I was sitting at home on sunday, watching tv and drinking limeade. Aaron and I had made plans to hang out because I wasnt going to see him again till summer. So i was sitting in my room waiting for him to call. He said he would be free around 630 but when he hadnt called by 700 I decided to go for a drive. You see, when im sitting at home and its getting dark outside and i have nothing to do, i like to go driving. Its a good time to think and just listen to great music. So im driving around, and i just start thinking about my life and shit. I start thinking about aaron and all the shit weve been through. I got to thinking about how fucking madly in love with him i was, and i realized that i no longer have that feeling. Like, Im thinking about Aaron, and im just not in love with him any more. I dont see him that way anymore. And I just felt so happy. He finally called at 745 and i went over there at 830. When i got there we got some pizza and just had a blast. It was just like the old times back in 10th grade when we were thick as thieves. And when I was leaving, HE was the one who gave ME the hug. not the other way around. It was just fantastic. And when i got home, the only feeling i felt was happiness. Dont get me wrong, ill always have a special place in my heart for aaron, but right now im just happy that i finally can say im over him. Its good to have my friend back.

ok well i have 2 tests this week and i need my beauty sleep. later.


  1. Glad to hear that you are free
    take care

  2. that's so nice, so sweet!!! luv,tman<3

  3. yep very nice :-) It's a good feeling, and I'm glad that you now can just be normal friends without having to let your emotions flip flop about.

    Oh and 'thick as thieves' is a good Dashboard Confessional song... not sure if you made the reference on purpose, but I liked it none the less :-)


  4. the thick as thieves was a shawshank redemption reference.

  5. Of course it is Dan. *rolling eyes*