Monday, March 8, 2010

i feel amazing

so aaron came over on saturday. We watched a movie and then he had to go home. it was really a good time. Then last night me and a bunch of friends went to his house to watch the oscars. It was great. I feel amazing. I tried something new. I didnt treat him like a boyfriend. I simply treated him like a friend. I didnt hug him when i left, i didnt go into his room and smell all his clothes. It was wonderful. I really fell good. and today, im back at school, and the sun is out and its just a beautiful day. I think things are turning around.

heres a cute boy to go with my awesome mood.

i would literally lick this boy all over. i bet he tastes like dove chocolate.


  1. Yay for how you handled the visits with aaron and how you feel today.

    LOL at dove chocolate.

  2. thats great! keep it up!

    and i love how the dove chocolate has the little sayings when you unwrap the foil. i wonder what this boy's saying would be when you unwrapped him? lol

  3. "on a perfect day, have a perfect boy"

  4. good on you bro, im proud of ya :)

    stop getting me sidetracked with chocolate though...

    Ed xo

  5. Now I want chocolate
    Glad you are doing well take care

  6. Dan

    Im glad you saw him and i hope you can be best friends

    take care and be safe


  7. what Ethan,tman<3

  8. Awesome--

    and that's the famous Davidjkn right? from milkboys boards? He's amazingly hot, I agree.

    Glad you feel good. The whether is awesome here too, but i have a head cold and feel like I haven't been able to enjoy it.


  9. Just want to say I got my chocolate :) and still glad you are doing well

  10. Ya creep, I didn't know you had still been smelling his clothes.

    Haha I'm glad you're feeling good though. Perhaps if things settle down we can get to making that movie ;)