Wednesday, March 17, 2010

flirting with a cute shirtless frisbee player

So the weather last friday saturday sunday and monday sucked. Friday saturday and sunday it rained all day, and monday it was overcast. it was just shitty weather. So when i woke up yesterday to the sun shining through my window, i felt like a million bucks. i was feeling fantastic. I checked my email and my teacher had canceled my noon class. The day was just starting off so well. I went to my 330 class, which was the tits. My teacher was cracking jokes and it was just great. So after class, on my way back to my dorm, i saw a beautiful sight. On the lawn right in front of my dorm were maybe 6 shirtless boys throwing the frisbee around. My god were some of these boys cute. And their bodies were fantastic. Smooth and thin. YUM!! So as i walked by, my friend Clay noticed me and invited me to play. At first I hesitated, but looking back at the boys i couldnt say no. So i dropped my back pack, took of my shirt, shoes and socks, and got into the game. It was really fun. And my god, the eye candy. I was drooling. So after about 45 minutes, people started calling it a day. I was heading for my bag and shirt when the cutest boy of them all came up and introduced himself. He was a little shorter than me, with semi long blond hair and these gorgeous blue eyes. And his slim body was just, man o man i wanted to lick the sweat off of his chest. Anyway, he reached out his hand and said his name was James. I told him My name was Dan, and we got to talking. We talked about sports and classes and our majors. He told me he was a freshman and he lived in the dorm right across from mine. So there we were, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and talking like we were best friends. It was really nuts. We must have talked for a good 15-20 minutes before he said he had to go get cleaned up for dinner. We said goodbye and he was off. I grabbed my stuff, went in and took a shower. Needless to say, i jerked off in the shower. HAHA. The whole experience was just something. It was a tuesday I most certainly wont forget in a long long time.

And who knows, todays even nicer than yesterday. Maybe ill see him again.....


  1. YES!!! Your post was 'the tits' :-) Ugh I love your phrase, but I'm going to forget and use it at work or something...and that would be awkward.

    Well thats awesome about James-- and hey you know feel free to take up a sudden interest in photography and share with your readers >:-)

    Lol this reminds me of my first year in the dorms I was smoker back then, and used to always find excuses to study outside and smoke right by the table where the track team ran by on their laps... lol how creepy in retrospect :-) But they were really hot so idc


  2. I agree with the 2nd sentence above lol

    Glad you had fun LOLOL LOTS of fun ;)
    later man


  3. Yay! :D

    And I agree with the sentence Ethan agreed with.