Wednesday, March 31, 2010

could it be im falling in love?

what a wonderful day. just perfect. :)

It was just so nice outside. Shorts and a t shirt. Got to my media class early and sat with my friends. I was on the lookout for lee tho. I wanted him to sit next to me. So im looking and looking at the people walking in. No lee. class is just about to start. no lee. So im disappointed. I turn back to face the front and notice someone sitting next to me. LEE!!!!!!! I didnt even notice him. I looked at him and was like "where the fuck did u come from?" he was like "the side door."
i just laughed and we started talking. we ended up talking for the entire class. We talked about just about everything. sports(he doesnt know much), cafateria food, we made fun of people sitting around us. It was just so nice. We instantly clicked. we were talking like we were best friends. it was NUTS!!!! and those legs. o man. i cant describe them. way to perfect. So class ended, we got up and walked out, and lee said "see ya monday" and i was like "bye" and i watched him walk away. my friends were confused. fuck em.

haha so over all a great day. hes something.


  1. My grandpa had a saying "If he was a snake he would have bit you" b/c you were so clueless to see the guy walk up lol.

    I'm glad you are doing well and enjoying being with this guy and nice legs are always a plus in my books
    take care


  2. So looks like there will be wonderful weekend fantasies... of like legs... lol so what is he like thinking about, do you think... lol

    It's great how such a simple thing like have the right guy sit with you in class make the difference to the whole day... :)


  3. Spring is def in the air! Class can be so much fun with th e right people, too bad no studying gets done!

  4. well, all I have to say,Dan, is that Lee must be an angel.... just think about it.... his indescribable qualities, and he appears next to you so mysteriously.... lol... It's always so nice to find someone that makes your heart beat just that little much harder!! Good for you, kid!! luv,tman<3