Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lee: The facts

ok so i was thinking about lee this morning and i realized that i havent really ever explained what lee looks like. So im going to tell you all what he looks like and everything else i really know.

ok so hes slim and about my height. Around 6 foot. he has short blond hair that is sooooo cute on him. I just want to run my fingers thru it. he has brown eyes like me. hes just so cute. ummm hes a freshman and im not sure yet where he lives on campus.

shit i guess thats all i know. damn. um well i hope ill get to know more tomorrow.

also my birthday is coming up. soooo u know, gifts are fun. :)

1 comment:

  1. ummmm blond hair and brown eyes... i love that :-) I am blond with blue eyes, but always go for brown eyes for some reason. Blue eyes are kinda blah for me.

    Hope you get to know more too *fingers crossed*

    so when is your birthday? and what do you want for your birthday?