Saturday, May 8, 2010

wonderful time at lee's

Lee's was really fun

Left home around 10 and got to lees close to 1030. It was just him home because his parents were still at work. We had the house to ourselves and we fooled around for a while. it was fun. he has a nice house and the most comfortable bed. We hung out for a while and his mom came home around 4. We met and she gave me a hug and was really nice. like, she was just a really sweet person. She asked me a lot of questions. Around 530 is when lee's dad came home. I was pretty nervous to meet him. Lee was like "Dad, this is my boyfriend Dan." and i was like o shit. So he extended his hand and i shook it. He was ok. So lee's mom ordered a pizza and we all sat and talked. Lee's dad also asked me a lot of questions and one of them was "did u play any sports in highschool?" so i was like "yeah i played football. I was a reciever". right after i said that his eyes lit up and he like turned into a different person. He was awesome after that. We talked about football and stuff. lee told me later that he was never into sports and his dad was treating me like the son he never had. kinda sucks, but lee didnt care. him and his dad have i guess a strained relationship. Anyway dinner was done and lee and i went on a walk for a bit. We went to park and sat on a bench and just enjoyed being with the other person. We came back and watched Se7en, one of my favorite movies. It was getting kinda late so we went to his room. We started making out and it was getting pretty intense. while we were fooling around, lee was like "i want u to fuck me" so he grabbed a condom and, yeah, we had sex. It was both of ours first time. It was amazing. and lee loved it. Anyway, after that, lee fell asleep but i couldnt, so i got up and talked to matt for a while. he kinda helped me put things into perspective, and i felt a lot better about things. So i went back to bed with lee.

We woke up around 10 and went downstairs where his mom was making breakfast and his dad was reading the paper. We sat down and lee's mom was like "good morning you two. sleep well?" and me and lee were like yup. and lees dad was like "you two sure made a lot of noise last night" and me and lee were like, fuck. im sure we were beat red in the face. Breakfast was good and i left after that. got home around 12.

over all id say it was a great weekend. i feel good about me and lee. and im pretty sure his parents liked me. lee said they did so yeah.

anyway, thats my trip. later.


  1. Hahahaha....ur reaction to lee's dad comment is priceless, but i guess anyone would hav the same reaction!!!

    Glad to c u getting alot sooo awesome with Lee! It's fun to read the updates!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. LOL!!! OMG thats awesome! just awesome!! *high fives*

    So cool-- Im glad all is well :-)


  3. LOL

    Yep I think he knows

    Glad you two were able to enjoy yourself and that the dad liked you

    enjoy the rest of your weekend

  4. First time for both of you? That's so wonderful! My first time (with a guy, that is), was with someone special. I think it's so much better to wait for that, than just get your rocks off with the first willing guy.

    OMG . . . dad's comment . . . I'd've died right there on the spot!

  5. lol... moaning much?

    congrats on finally getting some ass... took you long enough... :-P

    Seriously... I am very happy that you found a bf... cant wait to talk with u soon...


  6. lololol. congrats.
    It's awesome that his parents are so accepting. Have a good time with him.

    Btw, interesting that your first time was so amazing. Mine was epic fail. :P

  7. Welcome to the club Dan! Let's hope Daily Dan now gets a new meaning ;-p

  8. Thats amazing, and his parents are even better! congrats

  9. best. news. ever! bf and awesome sex!! dancing with happiness for you!

  10. Very happy for both of you.