Saturday, May 1, 2010

im home

so i got home thursday. put all my shit in my room and was gonna put everything back but, its still in a huge pile. ive just been lazy. Lee got home yesterday.

Interesting thing tho. Thursday when we were saying goodbye, he told me that he told his mom about me. And like, i wasnt mad or anything, but idk it was just like....idk. He was like "i was talking to my mom and she asked if i had met someone, and i kinda told her about u." So i was like " what did she say?" and he just went on about how she was happy for him and i guess lee told her everything. like EVERYTHING. and at first i was like, nervous, but now its kinda a freeing feeling. like, lees mom knows, u know?

idk if any of that makes sense. im kinda being rushed by my mom to go shopping for nice clothes.

one more thing. Do u guys like hearing about me and lee? if u guys are sick of hearing about it then i can stop. its just this blog is about my life, and lee is in my life so yeah. just let me know. sorry if this post is weird. ive got a lot on my mind.


  1.'s cool!! Reading such things make me really happy....soooo i'd like to read more!!

  2. NAH I LOVE HEAING ABOUT LEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POST MORE EVEN!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay, it is soooOOooo CUTE!

  3. I like hearing about Lee.

    It was pretty unexpected to hear about Lee telling his mother, so it's not surprising you were a bit nonplussed at first. I'm glad she took it well.

  4. You must be really busy and stuff.

    Like you said this is YOUR blog and Lee is part of your blog. If people don't like it then they can find a new blog.

    Dan no matter what you do, you WILL offend someone so don't worry what they think. You have friends who want to hear about you and Lee and yes you should keep him in your blog posts.


  5. Yeah! We wanna hear all about Lee, it's getting really interesting. Want to hear all about your life, anything you want to post, after all it's your blog, you say what you want, we will lap it all up.

    Does that sound like I don't have an interesting life of my own??

  6. lol yes please post MORE about Lee!! You have a lot on your mind-- whats going on?

    Glad its freeing--thats awesome! *smiles* So whats the deal, how long are you home for? How far is lee from you?

    Thats interesting that he already told his mom-- a good thing! Have you thought about telling your parents? Or how do u feel about all that?

    Much love,

  7. Oh and wtf-- we are gay men... reading a blog-- you think we're tired of hearing the details!? lol are you serious!? :-)

  8. I agree with everyone else. You blog should be about whatever you want to write about. Lee is important to you, so write about him if you want. You aren't here to entertain us, you're here for you.

    I think that it shows how much Lee cares for you that he told his mom about you.

    Hopefully you won't have the troublesome feelings for Aaron knowing how Lee feels for you.

  9. dooooooooooooon't stop! :) blog whatever u want! and u both are too cuteee! :D

  10. lee stories = cute. were all happy for u man!