Sunday, May 2, 2010

someones got BIEBER FEVER!!!

so yeah, i admit it, i think justin bieber is adorable. I dont care for his music, but holy shit hes cute. Here are some pictures.

He might as well be suckin my dick

Toooooooo fucking cute

I like to think theres nothing under the towel

He can toss around the football with me any day

Just standing there looking sexy. yum

OOOOO some cute bieber butt!

Last but not least, Justins extremely cute feet

So yeah, just some pics of justin for ya. in other news, i really miss lee. he said he was gonna try to come over sometime soon, so im hopeful. I also lost my ipod, and im pissed about it.


  1. U shud change from Justin's Butt to Beiber's butt!! Sounds funnier! ;)

  2. Beiber's in love with Tina Fey - just watch the SNL episode that featured Beiber.

  3. He is kind of cute
    I have to admit

    Sucks about the iPod and hope you get to see Lee

  4. give him like another 3-5 years... but yeah to me he's tooo young!!

    lol @ the large guy on the top left corner of the photo with bieber's butt.

  5. omg he's totally like the cutest boy that i've ever seen XD

    and there's always skype :P