Friday, May 21, 2010


sorry for my recent disappearance. ive just been extremely busy. Ill wake up in the morning andsee a list of shit my parents want me to do, like mow the lawn or wash the floor. Since i dont have a job they basically treat me like their slave. but im happy to do it, cause i get anything i want. then when im done doing chores, some random friend will text me and be like lets hang out. People i havent seen since highschool. its nuts. and i cant say no. gotta keep my reputation up. So ill be out till like 2 in the morning and then the same thing the next day.

But finally i have some free time.

weekend with lee
Was an amazing weekend. he came over friday around 1. we hung out, did some stuff, and then when my parents came home they took us out to dinner. Dinner was nice. my mom and dad asked lee a lot of questions. Lee was surprisingly open about shit. Normally hes kinda shy and stuff but not with my parents. My mom has a way of making everyone feel welcome, so that might have done it. So the rest of friday saturday and sunday we just sat around and watched movies and stuff. We didnt really leave the house. it was wonderful just being with him. He left sunday at noon. Really nothing eventful. I just had a really good time.

anyway, sorry again about making u wait for the update. heres a picture of me.

haha just kidding. thats not me. But when i saw this picture i was like," i dont remember taking this picture." me and this kid look very much alike.


  1. Just hanging around the house with Lee and enjoying it is a good sign. One of my parents' friends said that he could always tell when one of his kids was serious with a boyfriend or girlfriend - when they would be happy together just hanging around the house instead of going out.

  2. such a stud...

    the guy in the pic... not you.

    Miss you!


  3. boy like you = hot
    therefore you = hot?

    your parents seem way cool.


  4. Psh. You're way hotter. :P

    Glad you're having fun with Lee!


  5. If the guy in the pic looks like you, you're a good looking guy.

    Nice that Lee and your folks got along well.

  6. Glad everything is going well! And ummm wow that guy is hot! >_>


  7. Dudee !! This is like a fairytale - He loves you and love him. Both parents seem to be very good with what's happening. You are one lucky guy!!

    ps the guy is really hot !

  8. YUMMY BOY. Happy for both of you :)