Sunday, May 30, 2010

cant think of a title. fuck

man o man have i been busy. Sometimes having a lot of friends can be very draining.

A few days ago i was driving one of my friends home and he asked me about me being gay. Its the first time ive really talked to any of my friends about it(besides aaron). He asked if anyone else knew i was gay. I said nope. Then he asked why i wasnt out trying to find a boyfriend. So i was like "well, actually, i have a boyfriend." And thus started the conversation about lee. I just told him pretty basic things. He seemed happy for me, so it worked out.

Had a bit of a party with all my friends 2 nights ago. Its the first time everyone was back in town. Everyone got pretty drunk. Nothing big happened. Just a great night hanging with friends. I did wake up on the ground in some closet. Pretty nuts.

for some strange reason, every single boy i see i find cute as hell. Like, i would usually see maybe 3-5 cute guys a day. But now, its passing 10. Its like now that im taken, all i see is these boys i cant have, and thus making them more attractive. its weird. Also, since i started dating lee, i feel Like ill be at the mall and ill just feel 100% gay. And i mean, i am. But i always felt pretty straight, except i wanted to fuck dudes. but now, i just feel like im all gay, and everyone knows. idk if that makes any sense.

And in closing, im off to lees tomorrow. Probably leave at 10. I guess his block is having a memorial day party and were gonna go. Lee says i get to meet his friends. Should be fun.


  1. I know what your saying when you talk about being 100% gay. Its like before I knew but now its out in the open and I dont really care.

  2. Ooh wow how exciting! take pictures ;-)

    What prompted your friend to ask if you were gay?

    Take care-

  3. I'm so happy to hear how happy you are! I hope you have a good time at Lee's!

  4. Enjoy the day.

    Remember the reason for the holiday.

  5. hiya dan, yeah thats weird about the boys, as normally it works the other way.

    tristram. X