Friday, May 14, 2010

lee's here!

i should have posted this earlier but i was busy getting ready. Lee's here, got here around 1. Weve been having fun haha. hes playing xbox now so i have to be quick.

I told my parents a friend from school was visiting for the weekend. just a friend. lees fine with it. we just have to be more quiet. when lee leaves sunday, maybe ill tell them. idk yet.

i havent told my friends anything because, well, just about all my friends are on vacation or busy. Aaron is working at his school, 3 of my friends are on vacation, and the rest are here and there. if i see them, I probably wont tell them were dating, just that were friends. They will probably figure it out tho.

ok gotta run


  1. A reasonable way to handle it.

  2. woot! have fun (quietly) :-) :-)

    Dan your life is so excited now! Cant wait to hear how the weekend goes and if you tell your parents... omg how nerve wracking. good luck

    much love,


  3. wait, so are you out? Whats the big deal with telling your friends? You seem to make your life harder than it has to be =.=