Wednesday, May 12, 2010

flirting with boys

I was at the store returning some shit for my mom, and the dude working there was really cute, and he was totally flirting with me. I was sure he was gonna ask me out. then at blockbuster, some guy who worked there who was really fucking cute, came up to me and asked if i needed anything. I said no but he just started talking to me about other shit that had nothing to do with movies. He was totally flirting. And i just keep thinking, is there like some scent im giving off to all these gay guys that lets them know im gay? why hasnt this happened before? well it sure is nice to know people think im cute.

my ego is too big

also, been talking to lee. looks like hes coming over this weekend. He wants to come friday and leave sunday. Im all for it. But, 2 things. 1: i havent told my parents yet. Ive been thinking a lot about just telling them. Being like, my friend from school is coming to visit for the weekend, and weve kinda idk, thoughts? and 2: my friends dont know, and lee wants to meet them. i have no idea how im suppose to drop that bomb. Like, just telling them my friend is visiting and then being like "were actually dating" idk. help?

so yeah, any advise would be much appreciated. u guys rock. ill be on msn today at some point so we should all talk or somethin. idk. im in a wacky mood.


  1. I think telling them both that ur gay AND that ur dating would be too much for most of the people! To those who know your gay....i guess, it's okay to introduce Lee as ur boyfriend!

    To those who don't, tell Lee is ur friend! But yea, make sure that Lee is covered on this....if he likes you ALOT, then he'll understand and giv u time to let the others know about ur relation!

    One step at a time, kiddo!

    Enjoy ur weekend!

  2. Dude, you must be broadcasting and setting off their gaydars....

    Seriously though, I would introduce Lee as your friend. No need to tell everyone or anyone that he is your boyfriend. If people persist, then you can decide what to do at that point.

    As far as this not happening before, I think that you have probably changed a bit during your term at school. Maybe you are more confident, or maybe more receptive to attention from guys. Subtle changes in character happen when you go to school, especially away from home. It's all good.

  3. your friends who know your gay; tell them for sure. why not? it's just like saying you have a girlfriend if you were straight....but probably tell them before he comes?
    as far as your parents go...that's probably alot for them to handle...but if you think they could, and your ready too, it's really up to you!

    goodluck man

  4. I think you've been getting some good advice. One thing that hasn't come through very clearly is making sure you and Lee are on the same page, if possible. For example, if you'd like to introduce him as your bf to people you're out to, and as a friend from school to everybody else, he needs to know to avoid pda unless you say bf when you introduce him. I'm sure he'll understand and respect any need you have to keep in the closet with some people. As for you, the question to ask is whether there is any point to staying closeted with certain people. Of course, it's your private life, so it's totally up to you whether you want to tell or not.

    As for the parents, I forget if they know you're gay. If so and they're accepting, why not be upfront about it? If not, it is a question whether the whole truth would be too much to process at one time.

  5. Well do you think your parents will react badly? If you think maybe-- then I wouldn't do it with Lee there. That would be really really uncomfortable for him I would think. But it of course will be nice if he's around so that you will have someone to talk to if it goes badly.

    As far as your friends-- yea I would totally just drop the bomb and see what happens-- oh and take pictures of their faces because that will be *priceless* :-)

    So I'm voting friends yes, parents no for this first trip...but then again given how "noisy" you guys were at Lee's house...maybe you don't have to actually tell them. lol no that would be cruel.

    in any case GOOD LUCK! hope to catch you on msn sometime! Someone was telling me about seeing a steely dan show in memphis the other day and I thought of you! Apparently he has played in memphis a lot...? idk

    Much Love,

  6. @Planet Steve: Steely Dan is a group, not a person. They're named after a dildo.


    Steve beat me to it; I was gonna suggest having loud sex, like you did at his house.

    OK, not really. :-P

    I'd say play it by ear with the 'rents. Watch how they react to Lee. Who knows, they might already suspect you might be gay. Even if not, they might see the two of you interact, figure it out and be happy for you. I'd say don't push it, but be honest if they ask.

    Not too honest, though.

    If they ask if your penis has been in his rectum, tell them that's none of their business, not, "OMG, he's so tight and hot!"