Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well not a lot of people asked questions. For those who did ask a question, i love u. For those who didnt, no worries. Im just in a really chill mood right now. I love u all no matter what.


Are you a cat or dog person?
Dog person. Definitely.

What's your favourite and least favourite season?
Spring. Not to hot and the flowers start to bloom. and i love the rain.

What's your favourite tv show?
Breaking bad. Just an amazingly well produced show. LOST is second. And dexter is up there.

What's your favourite colour?

What's your favourite food?
I love spaghetti. hot dogs are good two. i like to many foods

What's your favourite physical part of a guy?
im really attracted to legs. like if a guy has bad legs, i cant find him attractive. I love a bare back too.

Which of Lee's qualities do you most like and think makes you a good couple? (mentally)
I love how hes like, insecure and shy. I just find that adorable. It makes me want to just be his knight in shining armor. What makes us a good couple. Well it doesnt hurt that we are both attracted to eachother. We just click. We already know eachothers little quirks. Idk, its like hes one piece of a puzzle and im another piece and we just fit together. wow long answer

Is your blog name Daily Dan cos you jerk off daily? Or fuck, now that you have Lee. :P
Well at first it was gonna be that i would post everyday, so i would be daily dan. but that stopped.

Umm what's is Lee's father's most attractive body feature? lol
his hair. salt and pepper. like george clooney. yum.

Would you rather give or receive oral? And why? :P
thats hard. id say 50/50. I love sucking dick. It tastes good. but man do i love a good blow job.

Does Lee have good breath?
yes. like puppy breath.

Have you done anything kinky with him yet? Would you want to? O:
havent done anything. im not really into the kinky stuff.

Does he take his shoes and socks off when you have funtimes?
i make sure of it. To me, your not really having sex unless your both completely naked. and i love legs and feet

Who'd make a better Prime Minister of Aus? Kevin Rudd, Bert Newton or Tony Abbot? :D Feel free to take them on name value. :P
kevin rudd, because he has the same last name as paul rudd

Where do your eyes go in the locker room?
chest and ass, legs, then face

Annnndd will you marry me?
in a heart beat

Have you and Lee swapped roles in the bedroom?
not yet. hes still the bottom. maybe we will one day. i know aj wants me to.

Which country do you most want to visit?
pretty much anywhere in europe except russia. i dont care to much for russia.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

If you had the power to domesticate any animal on this earth, that is now considered wild, which one would you .... for 1 week only...
lion. Just a big cat that loves u.

when you're intimate with a bf, do you need to see his eyes, to be fulfilled??
not the whole time. maybe when u climax. guess it depends on the mood.

If you were given $100,000 to spend, only, not on yourself, how would you spend it??
idk. my family. friends who need help. hard question.

If you found a roll of cash (or, a pocketbook with money) on the ground, in a store parking lot, and nobody saw you pick it up... what would you do with it??
id like to say id take to wallet in and leave the money. But being realistic, id probably take the money and return the wallet. im a bad person.

If you decide to get married to Lee, where would you like to have the ceremony?
Id marry lee anywhere. but id love to do it somewhere on a beach i guess.

Favorite all time movie?
The shawshank redemption

Do you have a major picked out yet, and if so what?
I dont have a major picked out yet. idk what i want to do.

Would you ever think about going into politics?
i would love to be president. and id be good because im not retarded

dick size?

ur bf dick size?

do you swallow? does he? do you lyk it?
i have. it was.....ok. He did....he seemed to like it better.

most wildest place you will/want/had sex at?
nowhere really. id love to do it outside sometime.

bb or condom?

favorite date? dream date?
First date with lee was great. i dont really have a dream date.

if you could be some1 famous for a day, who?
someone who is famous for doing something good.

half full or half empty?
half full

Can you explain to us just how perfect your dick is? lol
pretty perfect

what is your favorite part of having a boyfriend?
just that connection u share with another person. The feeling i get deep down that makes me feel better about things. to love someone so much, u cant keep it in. its great

ok well thats it. i have a lot of new shit to talk about so expect a post pretty soon after this. hope u enjoy.


  1. Cute post, I can tell that you and Lee are really close. Im so happy for you!

  2. "I love a bare back too"


    I love Dexter too, and red is my second favourite colour. And good for you on having the guts to swallow! :P

    Nice answers. I liked it. (: And you do make a good couple.

    I know you said you weren't into kinky stuff, but would you suck his feet? lol

  3. Some of those questions are really dirty! lol