Friday, June 4, 2010

Any questions?

well im not sure what to do. I cant think of anything to post. Like, i want to post something, and i feel i have something to post, but i have no idea what. My last few posts have been pretty bland. I dont want to keep gushing about lee. I need something to post.

So, in order to fix this, i am gonna let u guys ask me any question you want. You can ask about lee, my parents, anything u want. I know, mirrorboy just did it. But a lots happened since the last time i did this. College, boyfriend, all that stuff.

So ill give you guys a few days. idk maybe next wednesday.



  1. Can you explain to us just how perfect your dick is? lol

    J/k... sorta... lol

    My serious question is... what is your favorite part of having a boyfriend? (Doesnt have to be a dirty answer)

    Miss u buddy...


  2. Are you a cat or dog person?

    What's your favourite and least favourite season?

    What's your favourite tv show?

    What's your favourite colour?

    What's your favourite food?

    What's your favourite physical part of a guy?

    Which of Lee's qualities do you most like and think makes you a good couple? (mentally)

    Is your blog name Daily Dan cos you jerk off daily? Or fuck, now that you have Lee. :P

    Umm what's is Lee's father's most attractive body feature? lol

    Would you rather give or receive oral? And why? :P

    Does Lee have good breath?

    Have you done anything kinky with him yet? Would you want to? O:

    Does he take his shoes and socks off when you have funtimes?

    Who'd make a better Prime Minister of Aus? Kevin Rudd, Bert Newton or Tony Abbot? :D Feel free to take them on name value. :P

    Where do your eyes go in the locker room?

    Annnndd will you marry me?


  3. Have you and Lee swapped roles in the bedroom?

    Which country do you most want to visit?

    What's your favourite song atm?

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    That's all i can think of atm, I'm glad you and lee are going well

  4. Dear boy... I don't find your writing about your friends boring at all... I'm happy that you're in love... It's very sweet, and is nice to read about!

    Questions, well... IDK... that's hard - I hate to pry. OK, let me try...

    1. If you had the power to domesticate any animal on this earth, that is now considered wild, which one would you .... for 1 week only...

    2. when you're intimate with a bf, do you need to see his eyes, to be fulfilled??

    3. If you were given $100,000 to spend, only, not on yourself, how would you spend it??

    4. If you found a roll of cash (or, a pocketbook with money) on the ground, in a store parking lot, and nobody saw you pick it up... what would you do with it??

    Well, for now, that's it!! lol luv, tman<3

  5. Hmm, questions? Sounds interesting, ok I'll try it!
    1. If you decide to get married to Lee, where would you like to have the ceremony?
    2. Favorite all time movie?
    3. Do you have a major picked out yet, and if so what?
    4.Would you ever think about going into politics?

    so glad your all happy!

  6. 1. dick size?
    2. ur bf dick size?
    3. do you swallow? does he? do you lyk it?
    4. most wildest place you will/want/had sex at?
    5. bb or condom?
    6. favorite date? dream date?
    7. favourite movie?
    8. if you could be some1 famous for a day, who?
    9. half full or half empty?

    i kno they dirty, but every1 wants to know deep down!!!