Wednesday, June 2, 2010

back from lees

So i got back from lee's yesterday. Had an amazing time.

I was gonna leave here at 10 but my mom was being extra bitchy and i had to do some chores. Didnt end up leaving till closer to 12. When i got to lees his dad answered the door. He seemed pretty happy to see me. He called for lee who came from his room. He ran over to me and kissed me hello. It was very unexpected and i didnt know what to do, cause his dad was right there. So then we went to lees bedroom and his dad went to the kitchen. I was like "what was that about?" and he was like "what?" so i was like "kissing in front of your dad" and he said "oh. fuck him" haha i love it. So we hung out for a while until around 5 when his block party was starting, so me lee and his parents went off to the park. Memorial day is a big deal where lee lives. His neighbors went all out. Hotdogs, hamburgers, all different pies. it was nuts. there was a bunch of people. So we got food and went and sat at bench. we ate alone for a while, until 3 guys started coming over. They were lees friends. So they came over and lee introduced me as his boyfriend. They were all very nice, and a lot like lee. So we ended up hanging with them for the rest of the night. We all went out and they showed me their town, which was very nice. After we were out till like 1, lee and i went home and passed out. I woke up at 10 and lee was gone so i headed down to the kitchen where lee and his mom and dad were sitting. Lees mom made me some coffee, and we sat there and talked for a while. Then i packed and left.

it was a wonderful visit. we didnt even have sex. it was just nice to be with my boy.

At this point, hes all i think about. i just find him so sexy. he growing his hair out and i love it. im just to in love. life has never been this good.


  1. He's growing his hair out?!

    You have my blessing. :P

    Glad you're happy with him. (:


  2. soo incredibly happy for you! chat more soon :)

  3. awesome! sounds like a good trip. when will you two see each other again?

  4. All your stories gives me warm and fuzzies! :) Soooo happy for you.

  5. glad to see you're happy :)

    and his dad seems like a pretty chill guy... why can't more people be like him lol?