Friday, June 18, 2010

crazy party

So we all met up at aaron at around 10, because when we left the party we were all gonna crash at aarons. So we got there at 10 and just hung out for a while. We played ping pong and xbox. Aaron was being really nice to lee, which i liked. 1130 we leave for the party. Right when i get there i see people i know. Everyone just kept coming up and saying hi. I introduced lee as my friend from college. My shy little lee would just nod and say hi. adorable.

Out of the 6 of us, three of us knew everyone. Me, sam, and rob were very popular and were always busy with people. Sam more than anyone cause it was his bday. But aaron and john i felt kinda bad for because they didnt know as many people. They just talked in a corner. And lee just followed me around.

So we start drinking. We all get pretty drunk. Rob more than anyone. so its getting close to 1, which is when we all wanted to leave, and were saying our goodbyes and this one girl, sarah, who is drunk out of her mind, walks right up to lee. She blurts out, "are u gay?" and im just like fuck. And i look at lee and it must have been the alcohol but he goes "yep, i suck dick" and she laughs, a lot, and turns around and throws up all over this bush. So i grab lee and we get the hell out of there.

So the car ride consisted of john, our designated driver, playing loud music, while me, lee, aaron and rob sang along. it was fun.

So we get to aarons safe and sound, and we start playing beer pong. We played a few games, then we all sit down, and start watching a movie. This is the last thing i remember clearly. I remember rob and aaron running to the bathroom a few times. I remember i was sitting on the couch and lee was laying with his head in my lap. I remember running my hands through his long hair.(omg its sooo long now!) And thats it. Those are the last things i remember.

So i wake up the next day around 11. I was in aarons bed wearing nothing but my boxers. I was like wtf. So after like 2 minutes of waking up and trying to remember what happened, i notice that im not alone in the bed. Assuming its lee, i pull the blanket off of him. Well, it wasnt lee. It was aaron, and he was wearing nothing but his boxers. So at this point im just like wtf. So hes still passed out, so i quietly get out of bed and start looking for my shit. No where. So i leave aarons room and start looking in the basement. No where. So im like wtf. So i figure lee has to know, so i start looking for him. So im looking all through out the basement, the only place he could be. I find rob on the couch, and lee under the ping pong table wearing a shirt and boxers. So i crawl under and gently wake him up, and hes all disoriented. im like "babe, wear are my clothes?" and he looks at me and says "who cares, your hotter with them off" so i laugh and punch him in the arm. hes like "owwww i dont know! ask john" Perfect, ill find john and he'll have to know. He didnt drink as much. Well, i cant find john. And im like wtf. Then it hits me. There are people talking in the kitchen. Theyve been talking this whole time. So i go upstairs to the kitchen and sure enough, theres john talking to aarons mom and dad. Johns like "good morning" and aarons mom is like, "why are u in your boxers?" so im like, "i cant find my clothes" they all chuckle and aarons dad is like "i remember my first beer" and im like fuck this guy, i just want my clothes. So john says "i think i saw your shit in the bathroom. So i thank him and go back to the basement and find my shirt and shorts, lees shorts, and aarons shirt and shorts, all in the shower. Thank god they wernt wet. So i get dressed, throw a now sleeping lee his shorts, and go back to aarons room and throw his clothes on the bed. Then i went up and had breakfast with john and aarons parents.

People start waking up. Lee, rob, and eventually aaron. So we all finish breakfast and were sitting at the table and were all trying to figure out what happened. Everyone remembers sitting on the couch, but for everyone but john, we dont remember anything else. So we heres johns story.

We were all watching the movie when rob suggested we play another game of beer pong. We all agreed and it was me and lee vs. aaron and rob. So we set up and right before we play aaron complains about the heat so he takes off his shirt and shorts and is just in his boxers. Me and lee i guess agree so we strip down too. So we play a game and rob and lee are like, thats it im going to bed. Rob finds the couch, aaron turns on the tv, john joins rob on the couch, and lee goes to the bathroom. So then i went to aarons room were i fell asleep in his bed. thats when john fell asleep. So aaron must have gotten tired eventually and gone to his bed and didnt care i was there. And lee must have seen that the couch was full so he went and slept under the ping pong table.

We all had a good laugh. So then we all left at 2ish. Me and lee came here and fell asleep. didnt wake up till 7 and we ate dinner. hung out and lee left monday at 11.

So yeah thats it. I have some other stuff to talk about, including me and lee having our first fight, but i dont want to make this post any longer than it already is. So stay tuned.


  1. Nights like these are such fun!

  2. Fights bite. One very big thing to remember: never, ever say something you'll regret later; once said, you can't easily take it back. Also, try to not let little things fester to the point where you have a fight. My husband and I have disagreements and sometimes get a bit miffed at each other, but the last fight we had was nearly 15 years ago.

    BTW, do the 'rents know yet that you and Lee are an item? If his dad heard you fucking at Lee's place, I'd imagine yours might've done the same.


  3. Hahahahahha...sounds like a mini-version of 'The Hangover'

  4. disappointing story... I was hoping for something like a orgy or gang bang :-P

    Miss u


  5. Aj you seem to be always looking for something orgy or gang bang lol

    That was a funny post Dan and you are right that was crazy lol

    Take care

    P.S. hope your fight wasn't that bad

  6. I found it interesting that you ended up in Aaron's bed.

  7. lol sounds like a fun night--

    did lee not wonder why you ended up in aarons bed?