Saturday, June 12, 2010

when lee meets aaron

So lee came over yesterday at around 3. We hung out for a bit until dinner when my mom offered to take us out. I at first was like no fucking way, but its free food, and she loves lee. So it was a pretty normal dinner. My mom, lee, me and my brother. It was nice.

So after dinner we hung out for a while. My friend john called me up and asked if we wanted to see a movie. We said sure and at 830 we met my friends john, sam, rob, and brian. I introduced them to lee and they all were very nice. Sam was like, "so this is the boyfriend huh?" and me and lee smiled. It was nice. And durring the movie we held hands for a while. very nice.

so then after the movie we got a call from aaron. He had just gotten home and he wanted to see us. So we all went to his house at around 1130. I introduced aaron to lee. Aaron was very very nice. And then all 7 of us just talked. Very nice. It was getting close to 1 and people started leaving and eventually it was just me, lee and aaron. We had some nice talks. Aaron asked a lot of question. Where we met, our first date. He was very interested. so we finally left around 130.

we got home and, how should i say it? we fucked. haha lee was very horny for some reason. So were done and were laying in my bed and he says "i love your friends. I dont think sam likes me and aaron is absolutely adorable." and i was like "haha yeah. they all liked u." i just didnt want to mention aaron right then.

So then this morning lee thought it would be a good idea to go get breakfast. So we got up way to early and went to breakfast. it was nice. this old woman and man kept looking at us. Lee thought it would be a good idea to surprise kiss me. So he did, and i of corse didnt stop him haha. The old people stopped looking after that.

so now hes napping and im on my comp. and in a few hours, were going to the party. I loved all of your comments and i think im just gonna introduce him as my friend. if people wanna ask, ill tell.


  1. Awww... So sweet!!! I love... well, love!!! lol Have fun at the party, kid... I suspect that, by the time you get there, the word will already be 'out', no pun intended!! lol luv, tman<3

  2. love! how awesome! so your mom doesn't know yet, right? so do u think she suspects anything?



  3. Glad to see it's going great.....have fun at the party!! :D

  4. I'm glad that you are beginning to integrate the "college" you and the "at home" you. It's very hard to live your life as here and there Dan.

    I hope you two have a wonderful time at the party! And I like the decision you made to just play it by ear.

  5. lol good to know you had fun together and he was able to meet some of your friends

    Later Dan

  6. Dan, I am so happy that things are going so well for you. You defo deserve it :)

    It was really nice chatting with you that one night and catching up a little, we need to do it more often. And I'll try to get on here and comment more, I read everything but never get around to commenting :/

    Take care man

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