Wednesday, May 6, 2009

History of Aaron #5: The Aftermath

ok so heres the 5th installment.  Just one more after this.  It seems people only visit my blog for these history things, so im worried about it ending.  Well, here goes....

History of Aaron #5: The Atermath

So after telling aaron, our friendship changed.  Er still had cuddle time, but it just felt different.  He said he didnt like lying to me.  So I put a stop to it.  It was worse making him feel all weird about us.  So there was definitely something different.  We just didnt play around as much, we stopped doing stuff just the two of us.  It really sucked.  And my biggest problem was that i kept trying to treat him the same way.  I guess i always really viewed him as my boyfriend, but he just wasnt, and i couldnt grasp the fact.  It was hard.  I tried SOOOOO hard to fall out of love.  I would go weeks without seeing him just to try to get him off my mind.  Impossible.  His smooth arms, his cute butt, his sexy legs, his deep brown eyes, his pink delicious lips, his kissable neck. He was always on my mind.  Everything about him i just loved.  I still do.  And i think i always will.  So our friendship was rocky for a while.  But a hint for the next history of aaron, our friendship gets much better.

So yeah, thats it for today.

On another note, had a really good day.  Right off the bat me and Aaron were fooling around.  He gave me a back massage that was amazing.  it felt sooooooo good.  Also, another cute boy in gym class.  Hes a sophomore tho.  Not like that matters.  Hes the athletic type.  So cute.  He wears these sleeveless shirts.  O man.  

haha so i wrote a lot.  damn.  ok im off to eat dinner.   


  1. i visit your blog even if it is not about aaron :)

    sounds like you had fun with Aaron...


  2. When I was 16, I had a crush on a boy who was absolutely gorgeous. We were friends but not as close as you and Aaron. I haven't seen him in nearly thirty years but I don't think more than two weeks has ever passed that I haven't thought about him.

    If you like short stories, check out "Long After Midnight" by Ray Bradbury. It's about a guy in his early twenties coming out to his grandpa. It's really beautiful and relevent to the paragraph above.

  3. Haha oh you and Aaron, I still don't know what to make of that all.

    By the way, I misses yous!

  4. I also read your blog whether it's about Aaron or not :)

    I wish I could have a friendship like yours D:


  5. I read cos i loves u. And i will keep reading. :)

    You're still lucky to have a friend like him.


  6. Dan

    I hope you can keep him as a freind forever and yea there are others out there for you

    take care and be safe


  7. Aye, it sucks how you can't unlove someone. Then again, we don't WANT to unlove the person. Confusing...

    Anyway, I would read your blog regardless of whether the aaron series existed or not.

    Have fun with Aaron.