Monday, May 11, 2009

plugs and such

well i had a pretty good sleep and i feel a bit better.  I did go to aarons yesterday.  I wasnt going to but i figured i might as well.  It was kinda weird for me.  It felt like i was just floating there.  Like i was just not even there.  Idk.  Maybe thats a good thing.  I did hear his stomach growl and it made me want to go over and kiss it.  

I didnt like writing that.  i dont want to want to kiss it.  ugh

anyway, a new blogger has joined our world. his name is AJ and hes really great.  I like him a lot and all you people out there should check him out.

Also, a while ago, a really good friend of mine Matt who ive known online for years started a blog.  I should have said something a while ago but idk, im an idiot.  Hes great, so go check him out.  i love him to bits.

well i gotta get ready for school, so bye.

I hate cute boys........


  1. If you hate cute boys you must despise yourself.

    You're in a funk, cutie. It'll pass. Until then you just gotta hold your head up and be happy. You've got a lot of good things in your life. And not having Aaron doesn't mean the end of the world. :)

    Things could be worse. They could be a lot worse.

    much love

  2. Dan

    you are in period of life that lots of change is occuring so maybe this is a ggod time to be leaving Aaron, its not easy but maybe the best hing fo ryou as he does not share your total love. MAtt and AJ are nice peoples too.

    take care nad be safe


  3. I haven't read all of your past posts, although it has been on my 'todo' list for a while. So I know there is a 'history of aaron' series that would probably help explain what you are going through. But from what I can infer, I feel very sorry, and know what pain you feel. Its a bad thing, but as MBoy states it will pass. I know saying this doesn't help at all right now, but its the best I can do. Hope you feel better soon!

    Much Love,

  4. Oh Dan, I love you so much.

    I'm already starting to look at airfare to San Diego! hahaha.

    Your my bestest friend in the whole wide world!