Tuesday, May 26, 2009

its been a while

sorry for the long absence.  Ive had a lot on my plate and i felt like i just needed a break from blog world.  This might be a long post, just a heads up.

So my last day of school was thursday.  We got our cap and gowns and yearbooks.  We also took some stupid class picture.  My mom wants me to order it so im like yeah if you pay for it.  After school i went out and got some dinner with friends.  It was delicious.  

friday was busy.  Met some friends and played football.  I kicked ass and scored 6 touchdowns.  6 touchdowns=36 points.  Yeah, im pretty good(ego boost).  Then hung out for the rest of the day.  Aaron had some surgery on his back and said he couldnt do anything for a while.  I was like meh.

saturday, sunday, and monday were much of the same.  Shit with friends and relaxing at home.

So i havnt seen aaron in a while.  I miss him.  I called him yesterday to see how he was and he seemed out of it.  Maybe its for the best tho.  Maybe i needed the break.  whatevs.

Since ive been absent for a while, ive missed a few things.  like mirrorboys birthday.  Seems like pictures are what people have been giving, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRRORBOY!!!!  I really wouldnt be where I am in blog world if it were not for your friendship.  I love you lots!!! 

So yea to everyone who helped me out in the last post, thanks.  It gave me some stuff to think about.  Ill be back to posting every day or so.  cya

ps.  Matt, im sorry we havnt talked in a while.  i know how u hate it when we dont talk for a long time.  ill be on later i hope.


  1. Well I'm glad your all done with school now! Congrats! Lovely boys, especially the last one.

    Oh yeah, and your so sweet. I miss you! Get on when you can, I'll be waiting (hopefully).

    P.S. I can't stop staring at the picture of the last boy... by the way, how's stool boy been? :P

  2. Nice pics! And congrats on the TDs (I think thats a football related acronym...thats about all I got...the rest are just euphemisms involving 'balls' and 'tight ends'!).