Friday, May 8, 2009


So today was fun.  School was boring as usual, but in gym we played basketball and the shy kid Sam was on the other team.  So I was guarding him and we got pretty close.  I got some nice feels in.  And he grabbed my ass a few times.  Very pleased.  Hes so fucking cute.  God i just wanna bend him over and make him moan.  Ill be using that mental picture later.  
 Also, I wen to dinner with my mom and brother, and we were waiting for our food.  So i look up and this kid is walking toward our table, and he was sooo fucking cute.  omg.  And after he dropped off our food, he looked in my eyes, and i eye fucked him.  I totally eye fucked the shit out of him.  He was smiling the whole time.  Man o man.  good day today.  Saw Aaron too.  He was pretty tired tho.  Whatevs. 

Mirrorboy, sorry if I made u mad.  I loves u.


  1. Eye fucking aye? I must try this soon.

    Hope you enjoyed guarding shy sam.


  2. Dan

    yea can you explian exactly how you do that eye fuckin lol GOt some nice feels in - wha a perv :p but happy you got them

    Hope you enjoy th emental picture and all in all sounds like a real nice day, hope th eweekend goes well

    take care and be safe


  3. Oh my God, you fucking perv! :P

    I was in a bad mood the other night. Nothing to do with you. Sowwy.


  4. Haha I've always said you're a perv, and now I have back up lol. You should make a list of all your boy crushes... that'd be a long post... lol

  5. I'm gonna use the mental picture later too. Was it shirts and skins and which one were you. I got pretty green eyes but I think they're virgin.

    I am not making this up. The word verification was; ofunn. exactly what I had in mind for later.

  6. omg I want to be in ur gym class :)

  7. Where I come from "eye-fucking" means something totally different than your definition.