Sunday, May 17, 2009


sorry for the long absence.  ive been busy.  I got school projects of the butt, and i have like 5 days to finish them all. yuck.  I hate school.

ok so yesterday i was driving to my friends house.  So i stop at a red light and look to me left, and there is this amazingly cute guy driving.  He had to be 16 or 17.  Omg he was delicious.  He caught me looking and i bashfully turned away.  But damn, i would have loved to teach him a thing or two about making love.  haha how cheesy of me.

So then, on the way back from my friends house, i was driving and i looked in my left side mirror, and this guy was driving his son, and his son was so fucking hot.  His hair was just amazing.  He kinda looked like Shaun White, only better.  So they're in the lane to my left and they're merging into my lane, and im still staring at this kid(and the road, dont worry), when he all of a sudden blows me a kiss.  I SWEAR!!!!!  i was freaking out.  I like gasped for air.  haha.  it was nuts.  They turned left a bit later so i lost him but boy oh boy, it made me feel good.

So yea thats about it.  I havent been sleeping well so i think im gonna take a nap.  Nothing like a nap at 10 in the morning.


  1. Yay cute boys :D

    I wish that would happen to me :P


  2. haha thats cool! i dont that the dad wouldve enjoyed you two exchange numbers :-)


  3. Dan

    sounds like you should go out for more drives :P Hope all is well take care and be safe


  4. Just try not to drive off the road or crash into anything. :)