Saturday, May 30, 2009

cant get him out of my head

So Ive only seen aaron once in the past week, which is a very long time for us.  And i think because of this, ive been thinking about him a lot.  Hes always on my mind.  Like ill just randomly smell him.  ugh.  he was even in my dream last night.  we were running through some castle, laughing and stuff.  and i was like "you mean everything to me"   and he said "you mean everything to me too".  then we got in trouble for running inside.  yea, so wtf does that mean.

so yea, got a busy week ahead of me.  a bunch of college shit i have to do.  ugh.  

ok, later


  1. That's how it is when you're in love.

  2. Dan

    i know it hurts but time will help, in the mean time i think the dream means you love him, sorry that didnt help but hang in there. And you may not ever forget him, i mean how could you but you can find another to love.

    And the best thing about that guy if he is the right one he will love you back. between now and him like most of you younger guys, ther maybe other aarons but hope fully with things changing you will find someone

    and when you do it will be right for you and him. its a long path life is, dont live it all in a day or a month enjoy the whole ride. Its not always smooth and sometimes you reach for help in making it but keep going and find the guy for you.

    he may be waiting at college. Good luck with the college stuff. Hope you are feeling better

    take care and be safe


  3. I left the school of my old crush two years ago. It took 1 year for the constant thoughts of him to subside, and even now I get the odd thought about him.

    It will take a while to get over someone you have liked so passionately before.

  4. Sorry buddy. You can has all my hugs and snuggles. love u

  5. I hope you get what you want Dan ur to cool of a person not to.
    peace AJ