Wednesday, April 28, 2010

im comin home

I know i said i would be absent for a while but finals are just about done and i get to go home tomorrow. im excited to be done with everything.

Havent seen much of Lee lately. hes a much bigger nerd than i am, and he studies a lot. its adorable. We have definitely fallen into the boyfriend groove. The expected goodnight text. The expected goodbye kiss. We know where to touch eachothers body to give them pleasure(Lee loves it when i kiss the back of his neck). Everything is just going well.

But, and its a HUGE but. Ive been thinking about aaron A LOT. like, hes sometimes all i think about. and im scared shitless. i really dont like it. Ive talked to lee about it and he says he understands but i can tell he doesnt really like it. Aaron doesnt know about lee, but id like him to meet him.

Idk. maybe its the school year ending thats got me all in a weird mood. Who knows.


  1. I'm not sure having Aaron meet Lee right now. At some point it might help you feel that having Lee as a bf still leaves room for Aaron as a friend. But maybe it would be good if you let him know about Lee. Maybe that would help you get over him.

    And I think just the fact that you're going home is why you're thinking so much about Aaron. It takes time to get over someone. Obviously you still need more time to get over Aaron. That's okay.

  2. I can't see the harm in telling aaron about lee....and then asking him if he wants to meet him? i'm pretty sure he would...
    but then i guess make sure lee is comfortable with it too?
    i reckon if the three of you are together, with lee as your boyfriend, then aaron will seem like the friend and might make things easier? i'm no expert though...
    goodluck man

  3. The good thing is....ur damn honest!! That is at least one thing which makes Lee somewhat comfortable!!

  4. Everybody has a crush(es) in their history, so there's nothing wrong with telling Lee about Aaron, and Aaron about Lee. Lee may be uncomfortable about Aaron however - maybe he can sense that you are not totally over Aaron, and Lee feels rightly vulnerable. I've been used by chicks before to make other guys jealous, so you need to assure Lee that you are over Aaron, and you're not using Lee to get at Aaron. Be upfront and honest and sincere and you'll be ok.

  5. It's very good that you told Lee about what you are feeling especially when it's kind of an awkward thing. That's because he would know that he can trust you and you wouldn't hide things from him.
    As for meeting them both it would be better first to tell Aaron about Lee and if both of them feel comfortable you can go out sometime the three of you.
    As for everything else i'm glad that everything goes so nice.

  6. Thats really interesting.... i wonder why? I mean you have a cute adorable boyfriend that you clearly, but you brain is thinking about Aaron-- someone who is unattainable.

    So what about aaron makes him more desirable to you than Lee?

    I agree with the others-- its good to be open and honest with Lee, but you don't want to sacrifice a perfectly good relationship because of something like the impossibility of being with Aaron.

    But it sounds like your having a lot of fun none the less :-) which is good

    Much Love,

  7. question: who's Aaron?

    looks like i have some reading to do XD

  8. Did a bit of reading (that's an understatement lol) and i'm all caught up :D