Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lots of fun

So a lot in this post.  heads up.  Im gonna like give u the rundown then break up certain parts into more detail.

ok so monday I had my orientation for college.  So at the crack of dawn I drove to my college.  It was a nice drive, only about 45 mins to an hour.  So i got there and i went to the main building place where I was staying for the night.  Nice building.  Got my room key and dropped my stuff off.  the guy i was sharing a room with was already there so i introduced myself.  he was pretty cool.  Played soccer in high school.  Not that attractive tho.  So we went to the cafateria and had lunch.  It was ok food.  Then we got split up in a bunch of groups and went on a long ass campus tour.  Had a gay guy in my group who was kinda cute.  I really like the campus tho. Like its really nice.  Saw a lot of cuties during the tour as well.  So at like 6 we had dinner and then went to some performance thing.  It was funny.  Then we went to some stupid activities thing and then back to the dorm.  Went to bed and the next day picked classes and went home.

So, more about my group.  I was in this group with 8 people.  5 guys(2 hot ones)  and 3 girls, one of which was our group leader.  So we were walking and i couldnt help but notice how extremly hot these girls were.  I mean, im gay.  Imagine how hot they had to be.  So looking at these girls, i started to remember about this girl in 6th grade that i had this HUGE crush on.     Like stalker crush haha.  And then that got me thinking about all the girls and guys ive ever had a crush on.  So i was thinking today that i would do like a segment on here dedicated to all of my past crushes.  Which is a lot.  Ask matt.  so yea, should i?  lemme know.

So about the boys.  O man, there were some real cuties.  And A LOT of gay guys.  So out of all the guys i saw, I sifted through them and picked 3 that were my favorites.  So boy #1 i saw all day.  He was everywhere.  He was thin and amazingly cute.  He had a light orange hair color.  It was cute.  He wore a lot of green.  Green hoodie, green basketball shorts, and the cutest most delicious looking legs i have ever seen.  EVER.  like omg.  i dream about them haha.  He was a lot like me.  Like same style and body type.  Of all the three, he was the one im pretty sure was straight.  But then again, im pretty straight.  But im not. haha.  so who knows.  Boy #2 was this really tall cute kid who was like emo but not.  Like a really mild emo.  He wore this fidel castro hat and he was just omg.  I got close enough to smell him, and he smelled like cookies.  I love cookies =).  So yeah pretty sure he was gay to, just the way he walked and stuff.  whateves.  And last, boy #3.  He was definitely gay.  Cause he told everyone. haha.  So he was short and pretty cute.  He was always with these girls.  But when i was sleeping that night i kept wondering what would have happened if he was my room mate.  Would i like, tell him?  get a one night stand?  Yeah, i probably would.  

So when school starts, #1 and #2 i see as possible boyfriends, and #3 as a possible fuck buddy =)

So today I went out to lunch with aaron.  He gave me my birthday present, which was only 2 months late.  It was a shirt he knew i really wanted.  He gave it to me in his car and i took off my shirt and put the new one on.  I didnt really think about it, i just did it.  It was the first time i was shirtless in front of him.  I had been trying to so hard to get his clothes off i never really thought to take off mine.  So after lunch he came over for a while.  It was fun.  Got to play with his feet for a little bit.  haha that sounds so weird.  So he left and gave me a hug.  I was pleased.  

So yea this post took me over an hour to write, and its a kinda all over the place.  haha.  o well
mirrorboy, im glad your feeling better.  And landyn, I miss u bitch.  Oh and matt, go to chicago.  Its amazing.

ok, hope you all enjoy my long ass post.  bye bye.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it there :D

    I'm glad you and aaron can still remain friends too :)


  2. Good post! I did the same thing my first day of college (well anything)-- scoping out the guys, which eventually turned in to crushes, etc. I roomed with a friend, but my suite mates were really hot...and one tended to walk around naked when he was drunk which was nice!

    I know you and Aaron have some kind of unique relationship, but are you sure hes totally straight? I just don't understand the touchy feely stuff-- you would think a real straight guy would be uncomfortable...

    Much Love,

  3. Mmmmm . . . smelling boys back in my college days . . .

    My first year roommate wasn't bad looking or anything but did nothing for me, even naked. Found out years later he was a closet case at the time, too!

  4. That's an exciting time. Absorb absolutely every single moment. I'm only a Junior in College, and already I miss the freshness of being a freshman.


  5. Hey bitch, i miss you more <3

    sounds like ur gonna have a fun time there man, I can't wait to get back to a 4-year college after i finish up my GE credits.

    lets talk more soon, i have stuff to fill u in on! I'm serious haha


  6. @landyn
    omg i know what its about!!! im excited!

  7. I am sure the boys weren't as cute as u...

  8. Dan

    Sounds like college is goingot work out fine for you. Hope all is well take care and be safe


  9. Sounds great :-)
    I absolutly love playing with feet. Does that make me weird?
    (especially straight guys feet for some reason... oh well)

    Yup, a post on your past crushes would be a good idea...

    I'm sure college will be a great experience and that you'll have some super fun times.


  10. There are lots of possibilities in college. Of course there will be a lot more people than the ones you were with that day. Give yourself time to explore what's available before you lock yourself into anything.