Monday, June 8, 2009


didnt really know what to title this post so yea.

Last night me and a bunch of friends went to aarons house for a little end of school party. Had some really gread food and did some fun stuff. At like 3 in the morning 6 of us played beer pong. Now, i normally dont drink, and aaron never drinks. But he really wanted to try, so we did. It was really kinda weird at first. Id never seen that side of him. We played 2 games each. He was definitely feeling it, i could tell. He really didnt get anywhere near drunk, just buzzed. I didnt feel a thing. So We were all tired and he said i could sleep in his bed because he wasnt gonna go to bed for a while. So i went to his room and went to bed. It was so nice. It smelled like him, and i love his smell. So i got up at like 1030 and just stared at the celling when i had a crazy idea. So i took my clothes of, and laid in his bed buck naked. it felt so good. So my dick was getting hard, so im like, why not jerk off. So i did. omg, it was amazing. haha. then i dressed and went back to bed. got up 4 hours later and aaron made us breakfast and we left. On the way out, i was a bad boy and i stole a pair of his boxers. omg they smell amazing. haha this is the second pair ive stolen. i also stole one of his socks. haha im a perv.

So on another note, i got my comp back. its so nice to have it back. i missed it.

ok thats all for now. Comment!!


  1. haha in my opinion, beer pong sucks. never liked it.

    thats so funny i would have done something similar in my friend's bed ;)

    ive never stolen boxers tho...props on that :P


  2. Haha you've already said it but PERV!

    I hope you were drinking crap like Pabst or something though.

  3. Haha oh I love beer pong. Especially when you can't remember what game it is, then the night is just getting started, haha.

    You're such a perv, but a good one, haha. I stole Sean's shirt once, then he gave me one a week later. I felt so bad, I almost wanted to give it back.


  4. Hehe - I actually stole a girls panties when I was in high school once, but really because I was with a group of guys and I was peer pressured into it :-( damn that peer pressure!! I wonder where they are now... huh... I never thought of that until now. I used to keep them in a computer game box, but after my parents moved they would've taken that with them. *thinking hard* Wow I have never thought of this since I was in HS, but it must be that my parents found them at some point-- they never mentioned it, and all of those computer boxes are missing now. How creepy that must've been for them, but they didn't mention it.

    I'm glad you had a fun night-- I don't like Beer pong either; 'circles of death' is MUCH more fun but you have to have the right number of people (like 6-8) too few and its stupid and too many and its madness!


  5. LOL WOW. That must have been fun. I hope the scent lasts.

    In my experience, a few shots is more effective than beer pong but that's probably because I don't like beer.

  6. Dan

    Sounds like a nice time and yea to smell Aaron probably is just so nice. Wanking in his bed now that takes balls :P

    Hope all is well drinking is ok but dont drive afterwards. And ok i get the boxers ( we all are a bit pervy:P) but with with one sock :)

    take care and be safe


  7. hmmm.. I must be a perv too. Done pretty much the same when I was in High school lol.

  8. :O I guess you had a great time hahahaha
    A pair of his boxers, eh? ;D