Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yay for me!!

so its been a great few days. Just been relaxing and shit. Watching good movies, playing basketball. Its been great.

So today, went to a soccer game where a bunch of my friends we playing. Watched from the sidelines with aaron and had a good time. it was kinda cold outside tho. So one of my friends, who plays on the team, brought one of his friends that i dont know to play because they were down a few players. So at half time, my friends friend, we'll call him jake, took of his jersey to cool off i guess. it was chilly out, but i guess he was hot from all the running. So jake took his shirt off and omg, his body was just, so delicious. holy shit. My mouth was watering. I wanted a taste......real bad. So, I waited. I waited like a good little boy until the game was over. After what seemed like an hour, the game ended. They won!!!! woot. So i walked over to the bench and was giving high fives and stuff, and when i came to jake, i started talking to him. We had a nice 20 minute conversation about this and that. I dont really remember, i was too busy undressing him with my eyes. So he finally said he had to go, and i was likeok, progress made. But before he left, he gave me his phone numba. woot woot. Score one for ME!!!!! haha. So i walk up to aaron, who was my ride, and im all giddy and girly, and hes like, "whats up with u?" and i just smile and say "nothing. take me home."
haha. it was great.

So yea, good day. It looks like my poll is going mainly in one direction, so im probably gonna close it soon. And since its all mostly "yes", be prepared for the first installment of my past crush series. Its gonna be good ^o^

ok, heres TWO cute boys, cause im in a great mood.


the second ones my favorite =)


  1. ^o^


    Are you on your back, giving birth?

    Congrats on the #! Woot woot, indeed!

  2. Oh, I love those moments! Did he have a six-pack and all? Oh I am so jealous, I always get to nervous to talk to someone when they are so good looking.


  3. I like them both-- the top one I came across (figuratively and literally) many moons ago... and its still a personal fav.

    For some reason I have a mental image of you looking like the second one...but thats only based off attitude from writing style- I don't recall if you've posted any description or anything.

    Good for you on getting his phone number-- I love feeling like a giddy school girl when stuff like that happens :)

    Much Love,

  4. @planetx_123
    i kinda look like boy number 2. we have similar hair.

  5. Dan

    Sounds like yuo had a very nice day and really glad to see you happy.

    Hope all is well take care and be safe


  6. lol my hair looks kinda like boy #2 if I let it grow out