Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Morning!

you ever just wake up and feel fucking fantastic? I just got up a few minutes ago and i feel great. i haven't felt this good in a long ass time. I mean, i always feel good, but not THIS good. haha. Not sure why either. o well.

So I saw jake again yesterday. Again, he was shirtless for a few minutes. haha i love it. but he was with his girlfriend. Yeah, i know, bummer. I dont really care. At least i hadnt developed a huge crush on him. If aaron ever got a girlfriend, i would literally die.

Speaking of aaron, weve been really good lately. I mean were always good, but like, it just seems like were connecting more. idk. hes not being as much of an ass. Although yesterday he was really pissing me off. He was just being obnoxious and annoying. But no matter what he does, i still love him. (i hate that)

haha this post is completely pointless. ummm yeah. had a weird dream last night. I was on that broke straight boys website and me and some other guy fucked all the time. haha.

ok idk whats wrong with me. i need to go do something to get my mind all uncrazy.



  1. i know- I woke up today and just felt ready to take on the world. I went to the park and jogged for an hour--- it was beautiful.

    Im glad your having a good day-- good days are contagious, even amongst strangers :-)


  2. Haha, I am so not a morning person.

  3. It's technically morning a day later, hooray!

    I enjoy when you are crazy, it makes me feel slightly normal... only very slightly.

    Oh and stop pervin' on my brother!

  4. Dude my mind needs uncrazying too.

    It sucks that hot guys have to date girls... wtf... not cool at all

    def. know what u mean about ur crush dating a girl, that's my sit right now....

    anyways, glad you're feeling good and good to hear you and aaron are on good terms.