Thursday, June 25, 2009

the sims 3

Bought the sims 3 today and omg, its soooo fucking good. its addicting like a mother fucker. I made a guy, and if corse, hes gay =). i have a boyfriend and everything. Its awesome. here are some pics.

Me and my boyfriend making out on the couch. Im the dark haired one.

Us making out on the bed

Us making love.....haha

us right after having sex

us sleeping. how cute are we?

So yea besides playing that all day, i went to the store with my mom.  On the way there this song came on to the radio and my mom was like i love this song so i was forced to listen.  So as im listening to this song, im listening to the lyrics and it just like clicked.  The song is perfect at describing my whole arron thing.  here it is.

"Chance for me to escape from all I know.
Holding back the tears.
Theres nothing here has grown.
Ive wasted all my tears,
Wasted all those years.
Nothing had the chance to be good,

Nothing ever could, yeah.
Ill keep holding on,

Ill keep holding on,
Ill keep holding on,
Ill keep holding on
So tight."

like, ive wasted 4 years on him. ive wasted all the tears of crying over him. and nothing has happened. but i, gonna keep holding on.


  1. Haha your boyfriend has a dorky haircut. And you saying "making love" is just humorous to me, you've never been one for euphemisms.

    As much as you want to keep holding on, perhaps it's time to let go? Just a though.


  2. Oh boy, i love the Sims. I've got #2 and my whole city is gay. lol

    I just uploaded a pic for you. :P

    Hopefully that works. lol

    many loves

  3. @mirrorboy-- which one are you? Im guessing dark haired one? Or at least thats closer to my mental image of 'mirrorboy' :-)

    HEY! That's what my haircut looks like (when its especially right now)

    I kind of love this song, but I never listened to the lyrics before. I usually never listen to lyrics.

    Much Love,

  4. lol, I've never played the sims games...


  5. Haha the Sims... Never been into that game but I hear it's quite fun :)

  6. One of the best songs ever. Thanks for the nostalgia break.