Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crushes of Daily Dan: Crush #1

okay so here is the first post of my "Past crush" series. Im just gonna worn all of my gay readers, which i think is around 100% of my readers, that my first few crushes are toward girls, so sorry. And im not gonna remember all of the crushes, so im just gonna post the ones i remember, which is still a lot.

Crush #1: Love
It was kindergarten. There was this girl, and im pretty sure her name was love, which right now seems kinda wrong. o well. so i remember this one time the teacher asked me and her to take down the attendance card to the office. so we walked down, but there was very little talking, just a lot of giggling. haha thats all i really remember about her. but i do remember feeling a thing for her.

thats a short one, cause it was so long ago. they will get longer.

so in my personal life, nothing to really report. aaron, dont wanna talk about him right now, so yea. thats really it. haha sorry im boring.


  1. Kewl...
    Also had a little crush in kindergarten.
    But it was another little boy...
    I received a spanking when I mentioned to my mom that I liked him, Ha, Ha, I can still remember her face... She explained very nicely to me that boys like girls. Boys can be friends with other boys, but I mustn's say that I like them :-)

    Keep Well

  2. Yea I remember my kindergarten crush. It was a girl... Teddy, wow that was a long time ago.

  3. I vaguely remember saying I was going to marry some girl in kindergarten.

  4. my mom likes to recount a story of me and this girl chasing each other in the playground and thinking i had a crush on her. I don't remember such a thing... what is more awkward is that when i was 17 I ran into her with my mom-- she worked at the grocery store. Anyways, she wouldn't leave me alone for months trying to go out, etc. It was very awkward for me...because I was like: "well im pretty sure you don't have a penis, and thats a problem for me" (or at least thats what i was thinking!)

    Much love,

  5. Ooh these are ones I haven't heard about!

    I can barely remember kindergarten even existing, but I do recall there being one little lady perhaps... I have no idea what her name is or what she looked like though...

    And yes, sometimes you are boring. :P
    That's ok though, I still love you anyway.