Saturday, June 27, 2009


so me and aaron got in a bit of a fight yesterday. it wasnt really a fight, more like an argument. its the first one in a long time.
so we were at this soccer game and he shows up and whatever. So the game goes by and he just isnt paying me any attention, lie i dont exist. and im getting mad. Its nothing new, he always does this, but yesterday was the last straw. So me and a few friends were gonna go get some food, just 4 of us, and one of them goes and invites aaron, and i really didnt want him there at all. so the entire meal i was sour and whatever. And my friend told me after we all got home that when i went to the bathroom, aaron was like "he is soooo mad at me." so after the meal aaron is the only ride home i have. i was like ugh. i didnt talk a whole lot, and he had to get gas. Now when aaron knows im mad at him, he sucks up pretty good. So while paying for gas, he buys me a candy bar and says "when we get gas, we get treats" or somethin like that. so i ate it. didnt really speak, just ate it. So he drops me off and im like bye and hes like bye and he drives off. So later, at like midnight, i text him(dont ask me why) and im like "why is it that u dont pay any attention to me and u treat me like i dont exist?" and he says "dont know what your talking about" and we go back and forth for a little bit and he ends up saying "i have to get up early, bye." and im like wtf. we didnt finish! so i text back "wonderful" and turn off my phone. So then today, he txts and was like lets hang out, and i text back an say somthin like "wow your actually asking me to do stuff. thats a first" and he was like "whats with the attitude i just wanna hand out with you" and im like "really?" so he calls and i make sure i sound as pissed as possible. so we talk and we were gonna be at the same party later anyway so we met up there. Im there a while before he shows and when he shows i dont stay long. didnt really talk with him. I did tell him we needed to talk.

haha wow crazy post there. sorry. its totally all over the place. haha. the grammar police would fuck me in the street if they ever saw this.

ok next post should be another crush series thing. later.


  1. I hope I don't say this the wrong way, but this post makes you sound like a very needy person to me. Maybe I have the wrong impression.

  2. yea i guess but like, hes not like that with any one else, just me, and im sick and tired of it. i shouldnt have to ask him to do this shit. if hes my friend, he should do it.

  3. Ye I knda thought that too. Ease up on him Dan seriously. Keep acting like that and you'l just annoy him.

  4. He's ignoring you at the game? And what are you doing?

    And after you told him he was treating you as if you didn't exist and he said he didn't know what you were talking about, in the back and forth that followed, did you tell him just what you told us, maybe even with more detail?

    But I guess the more basic question is why you have to be the focus of his attention whenever you're around. I think the problem may come from the fact that this is an asymmetrical relationship — you're in love with him, he considers you a good friend. His attention to you means more to you than it does to him. JMO, fwiw.

  5. Dan- I swear I know exactly how you feel..exactly. See the problem is that he doesn't see the relationship like you do. He is aware of your feelings and is testing them. He knows that it shouldn't matter, but he knows that he can play with your emotions. The real question is does he do it because he knows that he can play with your emotions and likes the power--- or is he really trying to put your relationship into a healthier 'normal' context instead of the 'your in love with him' context. Did you ever find out if he was bi at all? I would guess not, but that he doesn't know what to do. He probably loves you as a friend (best friend) but doesn't love you as anything more, and maybe he is trying to reinforce this fact. Obviously, I know nothing... but I am really just remembering my relationship with a good friend (a best friend at one point) who I was totally in love with, and all the games (that you describe above) happened... and it tore me in two, and I wish that I wouldn't have let it. But we can't really control these things well, can we?

    Much Love and good luck!!!


  6. Wow! This whole situation is the exact same with me right now. It sucks and I'm sorry you have to be going through it too.


  7. I think Planetx_123 makes valid points...

    Honestly I've never been in your position so I can't really give advice, but it seems he has been :/

    well *hugs*

  8. yea..seriously chill on the guy. i think that watevr he can give u that u shud alwyz be like nice and cordial nd willing to do watevr cause he will get bored wit the attitude..especially if he is totally straight. u gotta try to see to see it from hz perspective..his bestest friend told him that he luvs him..if ur straight nd young then that's alot to process so give him as much time nd space as he might worst ul have made a friend for best ul have an guy that really luvs u for who u r nd wants to be wit u..nywy ..take care,mike