Saturday, June 6, 2009


First, Id like to thank G for being the only one to answer my question about my past crushes segment. He says i should do it, so i probably will, but im gonna do a poll anyway. So go answer. Ill leave it up for a few days.

So i had graduation the other day. It really wasnt half bad. Kinda fun actually. No one really clapped for Aaron, so i stood up and went nuts. I clapped so loud. haha. people were giving me weird looks. fuck em. So after the whole thing we had this big senior all night party. Everyone was there. Normally at these big party that both me and aaron are at, all night im thinking about all the fun hes having without me and i get all depressed and stuff. But i wasnt gonna let that keep me from enjoying myself. I had a blast, and i almost never saw him.

So today i hade like a thousand graduation parties to go to. Had a lot of good food and just had a great time. Didnt see aaron till the last 3, but for some reason, he was great. Like at the very last one it felt like we were boyfriends. We were together most of the night and we were joking and it felt really great. I felt like i could just go up and kiss him and everything tould be cool. I didnt, but it felt like i could.

so yea, my comp broke =( i was using my brothers while he was on a school trip but he came back so now im on my old ass desktop. i hate it. But its got my old porn collection so yay. My comp should be back this week. i hope.

ok, thats it for now.


  1. Im glad u had a good time, nice talking to you again thanks for making me feel better :)

  2. Dan

    graduation sounds nice and i was glad you could share some time with aaron

    take care and be safe


  3. gradnite is the best haha. an all night party until like 5am. last year mine was so nutty...we went to this place where there was go-kart racing and this gigantic indoor dodgeball arena thingy. And of course a DJ and dancing and stuff.

    Idk if u have ever heard of the band 'The Maine' but they played at it also. it was such a chill night.

    Im glad u had fun man :) looks like ur having a better attitude about Aaron...enjoying the time u spend with him, but also finding ways to have fun without him too.

    love you dude <3