Sunday, June 21, 2009

im ok

im ok.

went to two parties the last 2 days. had a bit too much to drink which i dont like. i dont want to be the kind of person who drinks to feel better. Right after i wrote my last post i went to a party, and last night i went to a party. i need to take a break.

last night after the party at like 4 in the morning, my friend was wasted and he crashed at my house. but when i woke up he was on my comp, and i had left some not to heterosexual material on my desktop and i was like fuck. normally im good about that stuff. So he left and i was kinda freaking out but as time passed i was like whatevs.

so i was awake and i went up to the store to get my dad a fathers day card. so i was walking and out from the isle to my left this AMAZINGLY cute boy walked out. He was fucking perfect. He was a bit shorter than me, he had brown short hair, he had to be around 16, and......he was wearing sandals. omg did my heart stop. he was with his mom and brother and sister tho. But im walking past and i had just woken up and my hair was all over the place and i looked all messy. I was like fuck i look like shit and i wanna fuck him. haha.

so i got home and helped my dad with some yard work. it was like 90 degrees out and i was all sweaty. i hate it. so i came in with dirt all over me. so i took a nice hot shower and then took a nap. so overall it was a pretty good day.

Dont wanna talk about aaron. maybe in a while, but not now.

ok byes


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  2. Yeah sounds like my computer mishap lol! Sure lets link look forward to talking to you on msn!

  3. i know it's tough loving ur best friend especially wen they aren't aware or worse..hang in there.

    that store incident wit the boy..that happened to me but there were 2 of em and they worked at the store..they were like 15 and i cudn't take my eyes off em..they looked at me too. i almost passed out from the was everything i cud do to walk away w/o walking up to em and kissn em...ummm..take care..mike

  4. "not to heterosexual material"
    hehehehe ;D


  5. Dan

    take life one day at a time and i hope it ts better for you. take care and be safe