Monday, April 19, 2010

best day ever?

So today was like, the best day ever.

Went to media class and lee was waiting with a huge grin on his face.

lee: "hey there'
me: "hey. whats up?"
lee: "just waiting for u. ready for tonight?"
me: "whats tonight?"
lee: "our first date! i thought i told u..."
me: "um... right..."
lee: "haha maybe i didnt. "

so we walk inside and sit, and lee is sooo excited, and its rubbing off on me, and we're just both really excited. And we talk all class, like old times. it was just wonderful. we were making fun of people and joking around. It was so awesome. So class ends and we walk out and he wants to go to his house before we go out. So we get to his room and we drop our bags and he comes over and gives me a quick kiss and says "im so excited for this" and im like "me too". so he backs off and heads over to his dresser and pulls out a clean shirt. He pulls off the shirt hes wearing and throws it in his clothes basket. Let me just say, my mouth was watering. His back was to me, so i only saw his back, but omg that was enough to send me over the edge. He puts his clean shirt on and turns around and i must have been smiling or something because he was like "what?" i just said "nothin"

So we left his room and went to my car. I asked him where we were going and he said chilis. i love chilis. So we head out and i put on some music, and its my favorite song ever, it was a good day by ice cube. And to my surprise, lee knew most of the words. So there we were, on the way to chilis, singing it was a good day. it was like out of a movie.

So we get to chilis, and we get this nice booth. We sit and order our food, and we start talking. It was so natural, just us there talking and eating our food. It was such a great date. We played footsies every now and again. He even payed for me. It was so nice. And the food was amazing. I had the cajun chicken pasta and he had the chicken strips, and we shared a cheesecake. It was so nice.

So we head back to his place, and we walk in and sit on his couch and put in a movie. Shawn of the dead haha. so we cuddle up next to eachother and start watching. I remember his hair, and how it smelled like watermelon. It was so good, so i start to run my hand through it. it was just so peaceful. So we watch the movie, and it ends, and were just sitting there. So i lean over and kiss his cheek. He turned toward me and he kisses me. so we start kissing for a while. After a few minutes he ends up on top of me and were just really kissing hard. I remember my hand going under his shirt and running against his smooth back. Man it was hot. We do that for a while until my phone starts ringing. It was my room mate wondering where i was. So our moment was kinda cut short. I told him i needed to get going cause i have a somewhat early class, so we kiss one last time and i get my stuff and go.

So yeah, just about the best day ever i think.


  1. I'll go with the old standby...


  2. Congratulations.
    I'm happy everything is working out for you

  3. Hold it - you went to Chili's and ordered cajun chicken pasta? And Lee ordered chicken strips? Chili's is a Mexican restaurant - get with the program!

  4. so... he payed and then ended on top of you...

    looks like our little Dan is turning into a power bottom :-P

    So happy for you bro...


  5. yep I agree it was the best day ever for you

    take care

  6. Dude that is awesome, I am so happy for you! That day just sounds so awesome! I hope you have MANY more just like it! And good luck on your next date, whenever Lee randomly decides to have it!

  7. OK Dan, you should now plan a romantic date. A walk under that stars, a sunset picnic, a moonlight serenade. Just don't go to the movies where you can't talk to each other.

    I'm so happy for you.

  8. Awesome! I'm glad the awkwardness is over (if it was even there to begin with!) -- what a nice belated-birthday celebration!


  9. Cute!!! N yess....u DID need a real date to start realizing Lee's ur Boyfriend!

    Good fr u, kid!!

  10. Yay!!!!!! It sounds like you had the best time! Enjoy your lovely bf!

  11. awesome man! i love chili's!! pity we don't have it in australia, but whenever i'm in the US i always track one down :)
    happy for you man, all the best.

  12. Awwww it sounds perfect!

  13. Awwwwwwh so sweet!!! Very very happy and defo a day worth remembering. If this was for first date i cannot imagine what he has planned for the 2nd one.