Saturday, April 10, 2010

mission accomplished

ok so heres the story

i was home last night talking to matt. I was kinda feeling down about college and shit, and i was like maybe i should text lee. So i did, and for a good while me and lee were texting back and forth, and matt was helping me figure out what to say.

me "what are you up to?"
lee "watching finding nemo"
me "I love that movie. wish i was there"
lee "wish u were here too. What are u up to?"
me "just thinking about shit and watching shrek 2"
lee "what shit?"
me "Just some shit ive got on my mind"
lee "are u ok?"
me "o yeah im fine its just shit u know?"
lee "wanna talk about it?"
me "well i just met this person and i think im starting to really like them..."
lee "more than friends?"
me "more than friends....."
lee "Actually, theres this person i just met and i think im starting to really like them..."
me "more than friends?"
lee "more than friends...."
me "i like you lee"
lee "i like you dan"
me "wanna get together on monday?"
lee "yea we can talk about stuff ;)"
me "cant wait :)"
lee "me either..."

and that was it. You have no idea how this feels. its like my body is cold and my heart is releasing warm chicken noodle soup all throughout my body haha. I feel so good. I cant put it into words correctly.

its too late. lee has my heart.

(p.s. thanks matt for your help.)


  1. Wow Dan,
    That is so cool! I'm happy for you. You were brave and said I like you first. woot!


  2. That's awesome! Good luck Dan!

  3. nice!

    bet it is killing you to have to wait until monday... lol

  4. OMG That is super awesome! My heart is leaping at this awesome development!

    I'm soooo happy for you!

  5. OH MY GOD!! This is the brightest point in my day for sure!! I have been travelling all week so I didn't see any of this until today, but what an awesome thing!! I don't know why I care about you so much but this just makes me so happy-- i have a huge grin on my face :-)

    How perfect!!

    I can't wait to hear how it goes monday! why are you waiting to talk on monday? go over there now-- go out to dinner or something!


  6. didn't read any of the build up to this, but I get the picture now. I am super happy for you guys and I've got my fingers crossed for you all the way.


  7. :)))))) (super happy smiley!)

  8. Brilliant! Really, you couldn't possibly do it any better. I'm so happy for you!
    Good luck! :D

  9. Congratulations
    I'm sure everything will work out for you, I just wish something like this would happen to me.

  10. I think everyone has said all that I was going to say so only thing that I do want to say is at least know you know he likes guys :P lol


  11. Yay. So happy for you. Hope it goes really well on Monday. Just be yourself :)

  12. Dan

    So very happy for you andd Lee

    take care and be safe


  13. Well, young stud... you're on a roll!! Hot Damn!! Good for you!! Enjoy... luv, tman<3

  14. Dan, that's great to hear.

    Tommy, it will happen for you too.

  15. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I know the feeling you're talking about! you don't have to put into words such great emotions!!
    Yay! I am glad for you!!

    Best of luck!

  16. made my day reading this. you deserve it!

  17. wow, that's great man. goodluck!