Monday, April 5, 2010

im in love

i dont even know where to begin.

I was walking to media class with my 3 friends and who happens to be sitting on a bench right outside class? Lee. I wave and he gets up and says hi. I introduce him to my friends and we all go in and sit. Once again, we talked like all hour. The professor kept giving us dirty looks haha. So class ends and i didnt want our fun to end so i invited him to dinner. He said hed love to so he came back to my place and all 5 of us went to dinner. Lee sat next to me, and we all just had a wonderful meal. I found out what dorm lee livesin . its not far but not close. a good 10 minute walk. I also found out that the town he lives in is only like a 15 minute drive from my town. I was very excited to hear that. AND, we also exchanged phone numbers!!! WOOT!!! So we eat and were walking out and lee has to go in the opposite direction as everyone else so he says goodbye to us. And like that, we part ways, and off he goes.

it was just so, magical. I just dont know what to do anymore. im in love for sure.


  1. ummm... you could find out if he likes guys... that might be a plan... lol


  2. dan

    enjoy the feeling and i do agree with Aj about the guy thing :P

    take care and be safe


  3. Maybe now that you have his number, you can pay attention in class, and not get the prof mad at you. LOL

    Obviously Lee likes you — enough to seek you out. And you're a guy. It looks as if you could have a good friend, whatever his orientation. I hope things will continue well as you get to know him even better.

    Just keep spending time with him, and see how it develops.

  4. stop falling hopelessly in love, you make me jealous every time you do.

    haha jks bro, good work :)

    now go and find out if he likes guys. if he doesnt, go and deploy some of that dan charm on him and turn him around :P

    talk soon mate

  5. Last time I cheacked straight guys don't exchange numbers after dinner^_^ So I don't think you need the advice of AJ and cvn70 :-)

  6. Though it never hurt to double check and see if he is gay/bi