Saturday, April 17, 2010

we need a date night

So my birthday was pretty awesome. Got tons of money and some other cool shit. It was overall a great day. Before i left for home on thursday i got part 1 of lees gift. We met for lunch and he came over to my place for the first time. So we just made out for half an hour before he had to go to class. He also bought me recess peanut butter cups. It was possibly the best gift ever.

But like, it still feels awkward. The whole time durring lunch it was just kinda like, different. Its hard to explain. Like, i dont really see him as my boyfriend yet. And like, when we were kissing, it was great, but when we were just talking....idk. i think we need to go on a date for me to really start to feel like hes my boyfriend. so idk.

having relationships are kinda hard.


  1. Yea I think I understand and I think I wouldn't worry about labels right now. They're kinda stupid anyways and they will just put a pressure or expectation that is just unnecessary.

    I would just remember the type of chatting and friendship that you had before last monday and let all the rest work itself out over time. The last thing you would want (I think) is for expectations to make everything awkward like you can't have conversations. Just be open and the cool Dan that you always are :-)

    Or is there other stuff going on? Like are you scared of something? Theres a lot of stuff to be scared of: being completely out, getting hurt, hurting him, screwing things up by overthinking, acting like a "good" boyfriend--- relationships are hard!!

    I know you are a man of few words sometimes :-) And even just thinking about this stuff is awkward and you prob want to avoid awkward feelings---so I get that--- but if you ever want to talk about it, let me know :-)

    Hey have a happy post-birthday saturday!

    Much Love,

  2. I think it has to do with the fact he is your 1st bf you had in a long time(I can't remember if you had others) so that maybe a reason.

    Glad you and Lee had a good time though
    Take care

  3. Yeah, you sorta just declared yourselves boyfriends without much too it, I think it's something that grows. That being said, I agree with Steeve, just keep doin' what you were doin'. Don't worry about the labels and expectations. The one thing I've observed from most relationship troubles is that they stem from lack of communication. Just talk to him if you feel something's up. He's got his own shit to deal with too so just be there for him and he'll be there for you.

    Oh and a date wouldn't be a bad idea either.

  4. A real date definitely sounds like a great idea!!! And I guess since it's been a long time since you've had a boyfriend or maybe it's ur first u don't exactly know how to feel!

    I'd advise to just be yourself and see how you feel....that's the most important thing!

  5. Lee is likely as nervous as you are, hoping that he's kissing you right and trying to make your birthday special for you... I suggest a planned hike to a nice, romantic summit, where you 2 can sit and cuddle a bit while talking and admiring the view; followed by a nice, sit-down meal at a quiet Italian (?) restaurant... (by candlelight would be cool, but maybe too expensive, IDK...)

    Only time will tell if you are compatible, so, be patient! A birthday celebration is too chaotic an environment to come to any conclusions about your relationship... good luck, Dan!! luv, tman<3

  6. Yeah, going from just finding out that you're both gay to being boyfriends in one day is a bit fast. So just take it slow, talk about how you feel. A low key date would be good, but don't set up high expectations for the date.

  7. What everybody else said.

    Try not to put pressure on yourself or him or the relationship. You know that he likes you a lot and that you like him a lot. So just try to relax, and let him be relaxed.