Thursday, April 8, 2010

what should i do?

Ok well yesterday was a shitty day. it was raining on and off and by the time i got to media i was pretty wet. But Lee was waiting again. I wonder if he gets there early just for me. We actually had to kinda pay attention in class cause the professor was talking about our final paper. So class kinda sucked, but after class i asked lee if he wanted to join me and my friends for some dinner, and he said of corse. So we ate for like 45 minutes and as we were leaving Lee asked me if i wanted to go on a walk. Of corse, i said yes. I was kinda nervous, not sure why. So we said bye to my friends, who i m sure thought it was weird. So we went walking. We were walking around campus, talking about high school and how green the grass was and a bunch of other shit. It just felt so.....right. But after a while of walking and talking, it started to rain cats and dogs. So we ran under this building overhang and waited for the rain to stop, which was like 15 mins later. Then we said goodbye and we went back to our dorms. It was really really nice.

So now heres my question. How do i get things moving? How to i take it to the next level?
I was talking to Matt and he said i should ask him to like the movies or dinner, and when he says yes, if he says yes, let him know its a date. I kinda like that.

any other ideas? I really like Lee, and i dont wanna mess things up.

And one more thing. I had a really weird dream last night. I was with Lee in my bed and we were like cuddling and then the door bursts open and Arran storms in and starts yelling "your suppose to love ME! your suppose to love ME!" Then i woke up. What does that mean?


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  3. Ask if he has a girlfriend, and see what he says. Make it know that you don't.

  4. I think that going to a movie is a good idea. You can mention a movie that you want to see and ask if he'd like to come with you to see it. That way it's just two guys going to see a movie. Maybe something will happen in a dark theater, or maybe not. It depends on whether you are interested in him as a friend if he is straight. If so, you can take things slowly. If not, and you wouldn't want to be with him if he's straight, you can ask him after the movie. You may know at the time from the signals he's giving off and how he responds to you.

  5. A movie or dinner and a movie is fine. And green and purple makes good sense about going slow if you want him as a friend even if he's straight. If so, you don't want to tell him it's a date.

    To me, it sounds as if he has a crush on you, and this is more than a straight guy making friends with another guy. If I had to guess, I'd guess he's gay. But I'm not 100% sure.

    One thing you might do, rather than asking him if he's gay is say something, maybe after the movie or whenever — something like, "I think you should know that I'm gay. I hope it isn't a problem for you, because I really enjoy hanging out with you, and I hope it will continue." If he's a homophobe, that will end it, but otherwise, you'll stay friends, and he'll probably tell you about himself.

  6. I think Matt had a good idea. But first, as others pointed out, you might wanna gather some more clues to find out if he's straight or not (of course bi would be fine just as well).

    I'd go with what NG said: let him know you're gay and see if he's ok with that. Even if he was straight and you could be just friends, that's a step you would need to take, sooner or later. Not to mention it could be a pickup line to find out about his sexuality. Then, depending on his answer, you could ask him out.

    As for your dream, maybe deep down you're not completely over Aaron? I don't know, that's just a guess.

  7. Dan

    Diner is good or what about a sporting event, is there something u could both attend. Aaron i think maybe this is your feelings for hi coming to the surface

    But i do hope for the best for you

    take care and be safe


  8. Hmm that is one question that you will really never get an answer to.

    I think you really do want to move on from Aaron and you want to do it with Lee but at the same time it seems you still have feelings for Aaron and I think you will for a while longer

    Anyway I think everybody else has convered the other comments so take care


  9. I agree with Charley - get some facts first and you know where to stand and then ask him out anyway - could end up being a good mate if he is straight!