Thursday, April 15, 2010

way too soon

So yeah i didnt ask him to come home with me this weekend. I just feel like its way way to soon.
And in class today, things were weird. It was just kinda awkward. Idk, maybe its in my head.

I did get some info out of him today, and since u guys asked, heres the answers.

hes never had a boyfriend.
hes out to his parents and a few friends
hes never kissed a boy(until now)

yeah so thats the big stuff. idk i feel like this is a pointless post. i feel old too.

happy birth day to me.


  1. No Dan you are not old and Happy Birthday

    Actually this wasn't pointless b/c you asked a BIG question and the decision you made is also big too.

    later Dan

  2. umm for what its worth (not much) i wouldn't fret too much over the weirdness. You want this and he wants this-- and you both obviously get a long. Have confidence and just have fun with no pressure for a while... it'll all fall into place.

    your birthday is on tax day! how special :-) oh man you are sooooo old now!! at least you have 21 to look forward too... after that its all down hill :p

    Keep on keepin on-


  3. Happy Birthday. I think you did the right thing and i'm sure you and lee will be alright

  4. So you were each other's first boykiss, right? That's soooooo sweet!!!

    I'm more than twice your age and I'm not old, so you can't be, either.

  5. People don't really reach "adulthood" (end of adolescence) until their early 20's, so you have a ways to go my friend.

  6. happy birthday Dan! have a wonderful day! lol old at 19- ha

    and i think thats probably the right decision- you want to make sure you bring him home for the first time when you are comfortable with it- no need to rush it!