Sunday, April 25, 2010

busy busy

sorry for my disappearance. Ive just been so fucking busy. Schools coming to an end and i have finals this coming week. And lee, boy he keeps me busy haha.

So i just wanted to let u guys know i probably wont be posting for a while. Maybe when i get home from college. I just dont know.

Lee is wonderful. Weve been on another date. We went to lunch at wendys haha. it was awesome because he kissed me inside where everyone could see us. it was pretty hot. No sex yet, but blowjobs for sure. Amazing stuff there.

And lately, before i fall asleep, ill just think about aaron and tyler a lot. Like, i think about them sexually. I really miss aaron and i just want to kiss him everywhere. and tyler, i just want to fuck him so bad. idk its weird.

well ill talk to u when i talk to u.


  1. Have fun and be safe!

    Best of luck for ur finals!

  2. yay for blowjobs! :-P

    glad he is keeping you busy...

    miss you.


  3. You lucky lucky boy !!! Let Lee distract you just enough so you pass your exams.

    So good luck with the exams and have fun with Lee.

  4. Sounds like things are going well!

    Feelings about Aaron and Tyler make sense, actually. Since your desire for affection from and physicality with another boy is finally being met, your sex drive is kicking into high gear and restirring sexual feelings for Aaron and Tyler. This is just my impression, however; I'm not a mental health professional.

    BTW, blow jobs are sex, just not sexual intercourse. There are gay guys who want nothing to do with the butt, poking or being poked (and, no, I don't really understand), but I don't think they'd say they never have sex. Also, in the eyes of the law, BJs are definitely sex.

  5. Dan

    good luck with school and look forward to future posts. And Lee sounds just wonderful

    take care and be safe