Monday, April 6, 2009

late night

i was up REALLY late last night.  I was talking to a bunch of people on msn.  Landyn, mirrorboy, bob, john, D, and Aj, all of whom are amazing (= So yeah, i was up till like 2 am but luckily, school was cancelled.  So in the end it all worked out pretty well.  Short post so i guess heres a cute boy for ya.

and mirrorboy, thank you.


  1. so i guess it was pretty cool talking to you last night too... i guess haha. ;)

    Hopefully do it again soon. Enjoy the day off and catch up on sleep =)

  2. dan

    always nice to meet someone and look forward to chatting again soon

    taje care and be safe


  3. haha no way? why did it get cancelled?

    lucky dweeb haha