Monday, April 6, 2009

i fucked up

i fucked things up.  things have just been moving WAY to fast, and its kinda freaking me out.  I need to take a break from this whole other world for a bit.  I need to think about stuff, figure some shit out.  Im gonna take a few hours to just, like, i guess meditate. idk.  I hope i didnt hurt anyone or anything.  its just been happening so fast.  mirrorboy, if your reading this, im sorry if i did anything to make u sad.  i love u and i just want u to be happy.  Im still gonna be online and stuff.  Im not leaving.  I just need some time to think.  

I love all you guys.  And AJ, please, everything is going to be ok.  


  1. dan

    i am beging to think we all need to get together and talk about things cause everyone is thinking they fucked up somehow and i know so manu peopleare stressing

    of course i am not sure what yo are referencing but take what time you need and i hope you do mind me bothering you on MSN :)

    i know i am not the best at it(msn) but we all love each other and we all have a lot in common and we all need each other a bit. And what is best is that we all help each other and can be for each other

    take care and be safe


  2. Dan, like i told you before it didn't have anything to do with you. Trust me.

    But I understand needing a break. I hope you come back and if nothing else at least get on msn once in a while.

    I mean who am I going to make fun of the bucs to? haha

    Keep you're chin up dude, you didnt do anything wrong.