Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History of Aaron #3: Cuddle Time

So first id like to thank everyone for there awesome comments.  I never realized before how much i like them, so keep it up!!!  haha

So heres part 3

History of Aaron #3: Cuddle Time

So after that little football game, we did everything together.  I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! People at school were like wtf is going on.  I was asked a few times if we were gay together haha.  Even both our parents thought we were.  We we were always together, and we did things normal friends dont do.  There was a lot of touching and flirting and stuff like that.  And i loved it.  We had so much fun together.  So one day, and I dont remember how exactly it started, but we went to my house after school and we like, cuddled.  We were laying in my bed and we just were holding eachother.  i loved it.  and he must have too because we did it all the time.  Like every week for a year.  it was spectacular.  

So thats it for now.  Hope u liked it.  comment!!!

So on another note, had a pretty eventful day.  Got some people mad at me, but the smooth mother fucker that i am fixed the whole thing.  That boy i like Tim fucked up his ankle pretty bad in gym, and i fucked up my knee really bad playing basketball.  Hurts like shit.  

So yeah.  I seem to be getting more and more followers.  Theres only one person I can thank for that.  Mirrorboy!!!!  I loves u!!!!


  1. He's gay. lol

    I loves u too!!!!

  2. I'm only following cause you have a cool name :-P

  3. Aww cute.

    I am jealous :)


  4. so yea

    i'm jealous too
    But that's awesome.

    u think he feels the same way bout u?
    seems like he would

    funny that ur friends and family all thought u were together... apparently you guys were't that discrete..

  5. Yeah, he's gay, like mirrorboy said :D Amazing... This scene reminds me on some scene in "Shelter"... Did you watched the movie? When they kissed for the first time on the balcony in Shaun's house... :)

  6. oooo never heard of it. ill have to look it up.

  7. dan

    shelter is on youtube and aaron is either gay or very very very into you

    but he you are so cute i heard even straight guys are into you, so you never know but it makes more sense now why aaron mom's gave you those looks

    take care ad be safe


    take care and be safe

  8. Haha yeah bob.

    'even straight guys are into you'

    True that! :D